MCL - Section 125.2029e

Act 270 of 1984

125.2029e Michigan economic development corporation; joint exercise of power.

Sec. 29e.

    The powers and duties of the fund under this chapter may be exercised and performed by the Michigan economic development corporation as a joint exercise of power authorized under the urban cooperation act of 1967, 1967 (Ex Sess) PA 7, MCL 124.501 to 124.512, pursuant to the contractual interlocal agreement effective April 5, 1999, as amended, between local participating economic development corporations formed under the economic development corporations act, 1974 PA 338, MCL 125.1601 to 125.1636, and the fund, or under an intergovernmental agreement with local film offices or other governmental entities. This section does not authorize the office to exercise the powers and duties of the fund.

History: Add. 2008, Act 75, Eff. May 4, 2008
Popular Name: Strategic Fund