MCL - Section 141.1327

Act 25 of 2007

141.1327 Advisory committee.

Sec. 7.

    (1) Upon the effective date of the establishment of an assessment under this act, the bureau shall cause an advisory committee to be elected consisting of representatives of the owners of transient facilities located within the assessment district, together with the director or the director's designated representative.
    (2) The advisory committee shall consist of not fewer than 5 or more than 9 persons, at least 1 of whom shall not be affiliated with a bureau member. The advisory committee shall include at least 1 member who is affiliated with a transient facility of 120 rooms or fewer. Procedures for the election and terms of the office of the members of the advisory committee shall be established by the bureau.
    (3) The bureau at regular intervals, but not less than quarterly, shall cause a formal meeting of the advisory committee to be held at which the bureau shall present its current and proposed marketing programs. At these formal meetings the advisory committee shall review and either approve or reject any proposed marketing programs. An approved marketing program shall be instituted by the bureau. A rejected marketing program shall not be instituted by the bureau.
    (4) The advisory committee may make recommendations to the bureau and the board from time to time with respect to current or proposed marketing programs.

History: 2007, Act 25, Imd. Eff. June 28, 2007