MCL - Section 141.1327b

Act 25 of 2007

141.1327b Master plan; travel bureau; disapproval of annual marketing plan.

Sec. 7b.

    (1) The vice-president of the travel bureau and the president or chief administrative officer of the bureau shall meet periodically, but at least once each year, to discuss the master plan and the annual marketing plan approved by the board.
    (2) The bureau and the travel bureau shall coordinate their marketing program activities and annual marketing plan activities with the master plan with a goal of maximizing the impact of tourism and convention business on the economy of this state.
    (3) The director shall disapprove of the bureau's annual marketing plan within 30 days of the meeting provided for in subsection (1) upon finding that it is detrimental to the master plan or the travel bureau's promotional programs. The bureau shall not implement an annual marketing plan that is disapproved by the travel bureau. If the director does not disapprove of an annual marketing plan within the 30-day period, the annual marketing plan shall be considered approved and may be implemented by the bureau.

History: Add. 2018, Act 464, Eff. Mar. 29, 2019