MCL - Section 141.171

Act 219 of 1952

141.171 Automobile parking facilities; leasing space, limitation.

Sec. 1.

     Any township may acquire, improve, enlarge, extend and operate automobile parking facilities for the use of the public and may finance the same by the issuance of revenue bonds, all as provided in Act No. 94 of the Public Acts of 1933, as now or hereafter amended, being sections 141.101 to 141.139, inclusive, of the Compiled Laws of 1948. Such facilities at any 1 location may be operated independently or jointly with those at 1 or more other locations. For the purpose of such acquirement a township may purchase, construct and/or condemn property. Such facilities may be acquired and operated by a township after first securing the approval of the electors thereof, and shall be open to the use of the public in general on the same terms as may be prescribed by the township board. The township board shall submit such proposition to the electors of the township at any general or special election called for that purpose, and if a majority vote of the electors voting thereon shall vote in favor thereof, the township board shall be authorized to acquire and operate automobile parking facilities, as provided under the provisions of this act. Automobile parking facilities owned by a township and for the use of which a fee is charged shall not be exempt from taxation.

History: 1952, Act 219, Eff. Sept. 18, 1952