MCL - Section 168.307

Act 116 of 1954

168.307 Statement of returns; certification of election; votes subject to recount.

Sec. 307.

    (1) The appropriate board of county canvassers as prescribed in section 24a shall canvass the votes for candidates for school board member and votes for and against a ballot question at a regular or special election in each school district. That number of candidates equal to the number of individuals to be elected who receive the greatest number of votes cast at the election, as set forth in the report of the board of county canvassers canvassing the votes, based upon the returns from the election precincts or as determined by the board of county canvassers as a result of a recount, are elected to the office of school board member. Except as otherwise provided in section 24a(4), upon completion of the canvass, the board of county canvassers shall make a statement of returns and certify the election of school board members to the secretary of the school board, the county clerk, and, if other than the county clerk, the school district election coordinator.
    (2) The votes cast for a candidate for school board member or on a ballot question submitted to the electors at a school election are subject to recount as provided in chapter XXXIII. An individual elected to the office of school board member is subject to recall as provided in chapter XXXVI and in section 8 of article II of the state constitution of 1963.

History: Add. 2003, Act 302, Eff. Jan. 1, 2005 ;-- Am. 2010, Act 55, Imd. Eff. Apr. 22, 2010 ;-- Am. 2013, Act 51, Imd. Eff. June 11, 2013
Compiler's Notes: Former MCL 168.307, which pertained to certificate of determination by board of state canvassers declaring election to offices of state highway commissioner and supertintendent of public instruction, was repealed by Act 6 of 1963, 2nd Ex. Sess., Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 1963.
Popular Name: Election Code