MCL - Section 168.311

Act 116 of 1954

168.311 School board; appointment to fill vacancy; election; notice to school district election coordinator.

Sec. 311.

    (1) If less than a majority of the offices of school board member of a school district become vacant, the remaining school board members shall fill each vacant office by appointment. If a vacancy in the office of school board member is not filled within 30 days after the vacancy occurs or if a majority of the offices of school board member of a school district become vacant, the intermediate school board for that school district shall fill each vacancy by appointment. An individual appointed under this subsection serves until a successor is elected and qualified.
    (2) If a vacancy occurs in an office of school board member more than 7 days before the nominating petition filing deadline as provided in section 303 for the general November election that is not the general November election at which a successor in office would be elected if there were no vacancy, the person appointed shall hold office only until a successor is elected at the next general November election in the manner provided by law and qualifies for office. The successor shall hold the office for the remainder of the unexpired term. This subsection applies regardless of whether an individual is appointed under subsection (1) to fill the vacancy.
    (3) Within 3 days after an appointment is made to fill a vacancy in an elected office in a school district, the secretary of the school board shall notify the school district election coordinator, in writing, of the name, address, and office of the person who vacated the office as well as the person filling the office.

History: Add. 2003, Act 302, Eff. Jan. 1, 2005 ;-- Am. 2004, Act 289, Imd. Eff. July 23, 2004 ;-- Am. 2014, Act 94, Imd. Eff. Apr. 3, 2014
Compiler's Notes: Former MCL 168.311, which pertained to notice of resignation of state highway commissioner or superintendent of public instruction, was repealed by Act 6 of 1963, 2nd Ex. Sess., Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 1963.
Popular Name: Election Code