MCL - 174-1962-2A-1

Act 174 of 1962
Part 1
Document Type Description
Section 440.2801 Section Short title.
Section 440.2802 Section Applicability of article.
Section 440.2803 Section Definitions; sections; principles of construction and interpretation.
Section 440.2804 Section Lease requirements; compliance with applicable statutes; effect of noncompliance with applicable statute.
Section 440.2805 Section Certificate of title statute; compliance; applicable law.
Section 440.2806 Section Choice of law; judicial forum.
Section 440.2807 Section Discharge of claim or right without consideration.
Section 440.2808 Section Unconscionable contract, clause, or conduct.
Section 440.2809 Section Power to accelerate payment or performance or require collateral; good faith.
Section 440.2810 Section Motor vehicle or trailer; transaction creating sale or security interest.