MCL - 175-1927-XI

Act 175 of 1927
Chapter XI
Document Type Description
Section 771.1 Section Requirements for probation; delayed sentence; fee; applicability of section to certain juveniles; waiver of fee; "electronic monitoring device" defined.
Section 771.2 Section Probation period; extension; eligibility and requirements for early discharge; hearing; reduced probation; registration pursuant to sex offenders registration act; subsection (1) inapplicable to certain juveniles.
Section 771.2a Section Probation for not more than 5 years; probation for term of years; order fixing period and conditions of probation; applicability of section to certain juveniles; probation for not less than 5 years; conditions; residing or working within school safety zone; exemption; definitions.
Section 771.3 Section Probation; conditions; entry of order into LEIN; costs as part of sentence of probation; compliance as condition of probation; revocation of probation; fees in delayed or deferred entry of judgment or sentencing; individually tailored probation conditions.
Section 771.3a Section Probation camp.
Section 771.3b Section Special alternative incarceration program.
Section 771.3c Section Probation supervision fee; enforcement of probation oversight fee; waiver of fee; person subject to other obligations arising out of criminal proceeding; applicability of section to certain juveniles; "electronic monitoring device" defined.
Section 771.3d Section Verification of employment or school enrollment; order of release contingent upon county sheriff approval; "school" defined.
Section 771.3e Section Release to attend work or school; electronic monitoring; order; payment of installation, maintenance, monitoring, and removal costs; program.
Section 771.3f Section Electronic monitoring device; removal, destruction, or circumvention prohibited; interference with signal, impulse, or data prohibited; exceptions; violation as felony; penalties; "electronic monitoring device" defined.
Section 771.3g Section Medical probation; eligibility; notification to court by county sheriff; order; expenses; reimbursement; reexamination as condition; revocation; definitions.
Section 771.3h Section Compassionate release; eligibility; notification to court by county sheriff; amended judgment of sentence; conditions; expenses; reimbursement.
Section 771.4 Section Legislative intent; revocation of probation; procedure; sentence; section inapplicable to certain juveniles.
Section 771.4a Section Violation of sex offenders registration act; probation revocation.
Section 771.4b Section Technical probation violation; rebuttable presumption; summons or show cause order; definitions.
Section 771.5 Section Termination of probation period; report; discharge of probationer from supervision; suspension of sentence; extension of probation; section inapplicable to certain juveniles.
Section 771.6 Section Probation; record of discharge.
Section 771.7 Section Revoking probation of juvenile for conviction of felony or misdemeanor; commitment of juvenile to department of corrections; violation of probation; order.
Section 771.8-771.13 Section Repealed. 1979, Act 81, Eff. Dec. 31, 1979.
Section 771.14 Section Presentence investigation report; contents; information related to victim prohibited from inclusion; information exempted from disclosure; amendment or alteration; review of report; challenge; findings; copies.
Section 771.14a Section Inquiry and report before sentencing juvenile; disclosures; exemptions; review of report; challenges or responses to challenges; finding; amendment of report; copy of report and attachments; report additional to presentence investigation report.
Section 771.15-771.24 Section Repealed. 1979, Act 81, Eff. Dec. 31, 1979.