MCL - 206-1893-ASSESSMENT.

Act 206 of 1893
Document Type Description
Section 211.10 Section Annual assessment of property.
Section 211.10a Section Assessment rolls and appraisal cards; inspection and copying.
Section 211.10b Section Repealed. 1954, Act 118, Eff. Aug. 13, 1954.
Section 211.10c Section State assessor's board; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; expenses; training courses; examinations; conducting business at public meeting; notice; writings available to public.
Section 211.10d Section Annual assessment by certified assessor; training or test; establishment and supervision of school of assessment practices; examination; conditional 6-month certification; certification upon completion of qualifications; assessment if certified assessor unavailable; cost of preparing rolls; certification of assessment roll; cost of training; misdemeanor; rules; certification of director of county tax or equalization department; conditional extensions; vacancy.
Section 211.10e Section Use of official assessor's manual or any manual approved by state tax commission; records.
Section 211.10f Section Preparation of certified assessment roll; costs; quality of tax maps and appraisal records; levy of interim taxes; substitution of latest complete assessment roll; effect and labeling of interim tax levy; notice of new assessment; petition for hearing; contents of notice; final levy; reporting difference in tax; sharing additional taxes or credits against tax liability; technical assistance; certified copy of orders; copy of final determination.
Section 211.10g Section Audit program; audit of assessing districts; notice of noncompliance; corrective action plan; written petition to challenge determination; designated assessor; costs; definitions.
Section 211.11 Section Corporate property; situs; exemptions.
Section 211.12 Section Copartnership property; taxable situs; liability of each partner.
Section 211.13 Section Personal property; taxable situs; persons assessable; assessment roll preparation.
Section 211.14 Section Personal property; taxable situs.
Section 211.14a Section Assessment of property in alternate location; definitions.
Section 211.15 Section Forest products; place of destination; products in transit.
Section 211.16 Section Forest products; duty of supervisor.
Section 211.17 Section Taxable situs of personal property; transfer after tax day.