Act 206 of 1893
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Section 211.28 Section Board of review for township or city; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; vacancy; eligibility; quorum; adjournment; deciding questions; board of review committees; meetings; size, composition, and manner of appointment of board of review; alternate members; indorsement of assessment roll; duties and responsibilities contained in MCL 211.29; single board of review.
Section 211.29 Section Board of review of township; meeting; submission, examination, and review of assessment roll; additions to roll; correction of errors; compliance with act; review of roll on tax day; prohibitions; entering valuations in separate columns; approval and adoption of roll; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; notice of change in roll.
Section 211.30 Section Board of review; meetings; alternative dates; sessions; request, protest, or application for correction of assessment; hearing; examination of persons under oath; filing by nonresident taxpayer; notice; filing, hearing, and determination of objection; right of appeal; approval or disapproval of personal property exemption; indorsement and signed statement; delivery of assessment roll; ordinance or resolution authorizing filing of protest by letter; notice of option.
Section 211.30a Section Township board of review; completion of review, date.
Section 211.30b Section Revision of personal property assessments in 1965.
Section 211.30c Section Reduced amount as basis for calculating assessed value or taxable value in succeeding year; applicability of section.
Section 211.31 Section Township board of review; completed roll valid; conclusive presumption.
Section 211.32 Section Township board of review; quorum; conscription of absent members; second meeting alternative.
Section 211.33 Section Secretary of board of review; record; filing; form.
Section 211.33a Section Collection and levy of taxes for 2020 tax year; modifications.