Act 206 of 1893
Document Type Description
Section 211.55 Section Duplicate statement of uncollected taxes on roll; unpaid special assessment as delinquent tax; original tax roll as delinquent roll; tax roll forms; affidavit; stamp or marking to note payment of delinquent tax; certificate; rejection of tax; duplicate statement of school taxes collected and school taxes unpaid; recordation and filing of duplicate statements or copies; receipt and statements as vouchers.
Section 211.55a Section Repealed. 1999, Act 123, Imd. Eff. July 23, 1999.
Section 211.56 Section Indorsing settlement of bond on statement; discharge from obligation of bond; liability on bond for incorrect returns; deposit, filing, and preservation of tax roll; tax roll as evidence; statement of uncollected personal property taxes; warrant authorizing collection; payment of sums collected; credit and receipt for collection; liability; agreement for collection of delinquent personal property taxes; condition; notice demanding payment; neglecting or refusing to pay tax; distraint and sale; legal and equitable remedies; collection, deposit, and use of fees, interest, penalties, costs, charges, or expenses; transfer of excess money; distribution of taxes collected.
Section 211.56a Section Personal property taxes uncollected for 5 years; petition; striking from rolls; judgment; duties of county treasurer.
Section 211.57 Section Statement of unpaid taxes; return of delinquent taxes; extension of time; rules; notices.
Section 211.57a Section State treasurer to prescribe practice for county treasurers; failure of county treasurer to comply; state treasurer to complete work; expense borne by county; state treasurer to furnish to county treasurers changes in tax laws.
Section 211.58 Section Payments to county treasurer; receipt; numbering; certificate.
Section 211.59 Section Payment of taxes on property returned as delinquent; interest and county property tax administration fee; allocation and distribution of taxes and interest; additional charge as lien on property; crediting expense charge to land reutilization fund and to general fund; reimbursement of state and county; disposition and use of county property tax administration fee; claim by certain persons for credit on taxes paid for principal property; indicating fee on delinquent tax roll; disposition and use of fees.