MCL - 218-1956-13

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 13
Document Type Description
Section 500.1301 Section Insurance holding companies; definitions.
Section 500.1305 Section Domestic insurers; organization or acquisition of subsidiaries; book of business; value; admitted asset; limitation; amortization; annual test; definition; authority of commissioner.
Section 500.1311 Section Merging with or acquiring control of domestic insurer; statement; filing confidential notice of proposed divestiture; notice by person proposing to merge or acquire control of domestic insurer; “domestic insurer” explained.
Section 500.1312 Section Statement filed with director; contents; duties.
Section 500.1313 Section Partnership, syndicate or other group; statement filed with commissioner, amendment.
Section 500.1314 Section Alternative filing materials.
Section 500.1315 Section Merger or acquisition of control; approval by director; public hearing; determination; contested case hearing.
Section 500.1316 Section Information to shareholders; expense; bond; examination or investigation.
Section 500.1317 Section Exemptions.
Section 500.1318 Section Violations.
Section 500.1319 Section Jurisdiction of actions arising out of violations; consent to process.
Section 500.1324 Section Insurers subject to registration; time.
Section 500.1325 Section Registration statement; form; contents; other reports or information required.
Section 500.1325a Section Annual enterprise risk report.
Section 500.1325b Section Annual group capital calculation; filing; exemption.
Section 500.1325c Section Liquidity stress test framework; results; filing; compliance with NAIC.
Section 500.1326 Section Registration statement; nonmaterial information not disclosed.
Section 500.1327 Section Registration statement; reporting material changes or additions and distributions to shareholders.
Section 500.1328 Section Registration; termination.
Section 500.1329 Section Consolidated registration statements.
Section 500.1330 Section Registration on behalf of affiliated insurer.
Section 500.1331 Section Exemptions.
Section 500.1332 Section Petition for disclaimer of affiliation; filing; contents; effect; disallowance.
Section 500.1333 Section Registration statement; failure to file.
Section 500.1334 Section Person subject to registration; providing information to insurer.
Section 500.1341 Section Transactions within holding company system; certain insurers as party; standards; prior approval; transactions entered into by domestic insurers; notification; separate transactions; review by director; total investment exceeding 10% of corporation's voting securities.
Section 500.1341a Section Domestic insurer investments; limitations.
Section 500.1342 Section Application of MCL 500.436a.
Section 500.1343 Section Ordinary shareholder dividends paid by domestic insurers; review by director; determination of reasonableness; factors; limiting or disallowing payment of shareholder dividends; declaration or payment from earned surplus; declaration of shareholder dividend by domestic insurer as member of insurance holding company system; extraordinary dividend or distribution to shareholders; hearing.
Section 500.1344 Section Officers and directors; obligation or liability; common management or cooperative or joint use of personnel, property, or services.
Section 500.1351 Section Examination of insurer or affiliates; information; experts; expenses.
Section 500.1355 Section Examination of insurer or affiliates; privilege and confidentiality of information; use of materials; written consent; disclosure; notice; publication in interest of public; sharing documents; written agreement; responsibility of director; group capital calculation.
Section 500.1357 Section Participation of director in supervisory college.
Section 500.1359 Section Internationally active insurance group; group-wide supervisor; determination factors; duties.
Section 500.1361 Section Issuance of rules and orders.
Section 500.1365 Section Injunctions; violation of chapter, rule or order.
Section 500.1367 Section Voting certain securities prohibited; injunction.
Section 500.1368 Section Voting securities in violation of chapter; sequestration of securities.
Section 500.1371 Section Violation of chapter; action by director; criminal proceeding; penalty; disapproval of dividends or distributions.
Section 500.1375 Section Violation of chapter; receivership.
Section 500.1377 Section Liquidation or rehabilitation; recovery of certain distributions or payments.
Section 500.1378 Section Failure by commissioner to act or make determination; petition for writ of superintending control.
Section 500.1379 Section Violation of chapter; suspension, revocation or refusal to renew license.