MCL - 218-1956-19

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 19

Document Type Description
Section 500.1901 Section Short title.
Section 500.1902 Section Liberal construction and application.
Section 500.1903 Section Definitions; conflicting provisions.
Section 500.1903a Section Contract of insurance.
Section 500.1904 Section Rates and forms used by unauthorized insurers.
Section 500.1905 Section License required to act as agent or broker in transaction of surplus lines insurance; compliance; requirements for obtaining surplus lines license; permissible acts of surplus lines licensee; conditions to placement of insurance with eligible unauthorized insurer.
Section 500.1906 Section Books and records of surplus lines licensee; examination; access.
Section 500.1910 Section Prohibited placement of insurance with unauthorized insurer; rebuttable presumption as to availability of coverages; list of unavailable lines of insurance; additions to or deletions from list; publication, revision, and availability of list.
Section 500.1911 Section Issuing evidence of placement of insurance with eligible unauthorized insurer; conditions; identification of entities directly assuming risk of loss; specifying obligation as joint or several; specifying proportion of obligation assumed.
Section 500.1912 Section Delivery of written evidence of insurance to insured or insured's representative; time; conditions.
Section 500.1913 Section Separate account of each transaction; filing certified evidence of transactions.
Section 500.1915 Section Charging fees; conditions; excessive or discriminatory fee prohibited; documentation and evidence of disclosure of fees; exclusion of fees in computation of premium taxes.
Section 500.1916 Section Compensation of licensee and licensed resident agent; collection of premiums; effect of premium payment made to agent.
Section 500.1917 Section Liability if risk assumed and premium received by licensee.
Section 500.1920 Section Recognition as eligible surplus lines insurer; application; recommendations; conditions; information; examination; removal of insurer from list.
Section 500.1921 Section Recognition as eligible unauthorized insurer; deposit; trust fund, marketable securities, or equivalent instruments; provisions inapplicable to certain unincorporated, alien insurers; commissioner as resident agent for service of process.
Section 500.1922 Section Notice on face of instrument evidencing surplus lines insurance.
Section 500.1930 Section Association of licensees; registration; purposes; required filings by association; reasons for refusal to register association; reasons for suspension or revocation of registration; denial of membership.
Section 500.1932 Section Servicing facility; establishment; reimbursement for expenses and payments; functions; approval; member licensee as servicing facility.
Section 500.1933 Section Suits by or against association; assertion or defense of rights.
Section 500.1934 Section Filing certified audit of books, records, and trust funds.
Section 500.1940 Section Reports and recommendations regarding financial condition of eligible unauthorized insurer; reports and recommendations not considered public documents; liability for statements.
Section 500.1946 Section Repealed. 2000, Act 486, Imd. Eff. Jan. 11, 2001.
Section 500.1950 Section Placement of insurance with insurer which is neither an authorized insurer nor an eligible unauthorized insurer; duties of licensee.
Section 500.1951 Section Procuring, continuing, or renewing insurance with unauthorized insurer; report; tax on premiums; regulatory fee.
Section 500.1952 Section Violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 500.1955 Section Rules implementing chapter; declaratory rulings.