MCL - 218-1956-2

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 2
Document Type Description
Section 500.200 Section Insurance department; establishment.
Section 500.202 Section Insurance commissioner; qualifications, office, term, appointment, approval, vacancy.
Section 500.204 Section Insurance commissioner; salary; oath; bond.
Section 500.205 Section Commissioner; powers.
Section 500.206 Section Insurance commissioner; seal, approval, renewal.
Section 500.208 Section Office of financial and insurance services; offices; expense; audit.
Section 500.210 Section Insurance commissioner; regulatory powers.
Section 500.212 Section Deputies, chief clerk and accountant, examiners, clerks, actuaries, and other assistants; oath; powers and duties; hearings; rights of parties; revocation of appointments, designations, and delegations of authority; compensation.
Section 500.214 Section Commissioner; immunity from civil liability; conditions.
Section 500.216 Section Insurance commissioner and employees; traveling and other expenses.
Section 500.220 Section Insurance commissioner and employees; service fees, prohibited gifts.
Section 500.221 Section Insurance compliance self-evaluative audit document; privilege; disclosure; exceptions; definitions.
Section 500.222 Section Examination of insurers; examination report; hearing; public inspection; disclosure of confidential information; effect of current examination; director's authority to terminate or suspend examination not limited; limitation on foreign insurer examination.
Section 500.223 Section Application for certificate of authority; fee; withdrawal of application; reapplication fee; disposition.
Section 500.224 Section Examinations and investigations of insurers; expenses; statement to insurers; employment of expert personnel; regulatory fees; expense of administering delinquency proceeding; definitions.
Section 500.224a Section Report relating to regulatory fees.
Section 500.224b Section Repealed. 2008, Act 440, Eff. Apr. 1, 2009.
Section 500.225 Section Insurance bureau fund; creation; deposit of fees; reversion to general fund; use of fund.
Section 500.225a Section Contract for services, supplies, and materials.
Section 500.226 Section Disclosure of confidential information; penalty.
Section 500.228 Section Examinations and investigations of insurers; report of crimes to attorney general.
Section 500.230 Section Recovery of penalty; disposition of funds.
Section 500.234 Section Insurance department; records of office; public inspection, exceptions, destruction, rules and regulations.
Section 500.236 Section Repealed. 1992, Act 182, Imd. Eff. Oct. 1, 1992.
Section 500.238 Section Insurance commissioner; annual report to governor, contents, publication.
Section 500.240 Section Fees and charges; collection, payment, and disposition.
Section 500.244 Section Judicial review.
Section 500.246 Section Repealed. 1992, Act 182, Imd. Eff. Oct. 1, 1992.
Section 500.248 Section Violations of act; actions; perjury.
Section 500.249 Section Insurance commissioner; investigations of agents, adjusters, counselors, managers, promoters, officers and directors.
Section 500.249a Section Fingerprints required; costs; providing criminal history records.
Section 500.250 Section Insurers; stock transfer; officers or directors; appointment; notice to director; grounds for removal; hearing; order; civil immunity; review; "insurer" defined.
Section 500.251 Section Cease and desist order.
Section 500.261 Section Internet website; publication of changes and rights regarding automobile insurance in this state; reporting of fraud and unfair practices.
Section 500.271 Section Report to legislature on the effect of the limits imposed on charges for products, services, and accommodations under MCL 500.3157.