MCL - 218-1956-22

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 22
Document Type Description
Section 500.2204 Section Settlement of action brought by third party against person insured under commercial liability insurance policy; notice to insured required.
Section 500.2205 Section Minor's contracts for insurance.
Section 500.2206 Section Repealed. 2014, Act 140, Eff. Mar. 31, 2015.
Section 500.2207 Section Insurable interest; personal insurance; rights of beneficiaries, creditors.
Section 500.2209 Section Insurable interest; married woman; right to proceeds, devise.
Section 500.2210 Section Definitions; insurable interest; employer; trust; exemption from claims.
Section 500.2210a Section Trustee having insurable interest under MCL 700.7114.
Section 500.2211 Section Consent of insured.
Section 500.2212 Section Insurable interest in life of individual.
Section 500.2212a Section Health insurance policy; written summary requirements; style, arrangement and appearance of policy; electronic copy permissible; "board certified" defined.
Section 500.2212b Section Policy issued under MCL 550.3405 and to health maintenance organization contract; applicability; termination of affiliation or participation between primary care physician and insurer; notice to insured; effect of termination; definitions.
Section 500.2212c Section Prescription drug prior authorization workgroup; creation; development of methodology; prior authorization request; definitions.
Section 500.2212d Section National or regional certification of physician; condition of payment or reimbursement by insurer or health maintenance organization; prohibited.
Section 500.2212e Section Standard electronic prior authorization transaction process; requirements; adverse determination process; denial and appeals; standard report; modification program; definitions.
Section 500.2213 Section Internal formal grievance procedure; approval by director; provisions; person authorized to act on behalf of insured or enrollee; section inapplicable to provider complaint and insurance listed in right to independent review act; written notice to be culturally and linguistically appropriate; definitions.
Section 500.2213a Section Expenses incurred by director; calculation; assessment; "insurer" defined.
Section 500.2213b Section Renewal or continuation of policy; modification; guaranteed renewal; discontinuing plan or product in nongroup or group market; short-term or 1-time limited duration policy or certificate; reports.
Section 500.2213c Section Disability income insurer; internal grievance procedure; establishment; contents; “grievance” defined.
Section 500.2213d Section Uniform prescription drug information card or other technology.
Section 500.2213e Section Rescission of health insurance policy; conditions; "rescind coverage" defined; application.
Section 500.2214 Section Disability insurance; application, use as evidence.
Section 500.2216 Section Life or disability insurance; alteration of application.
Section 500.2218 Section Disability insurance; false statement in application; effect.
Section 500.2220 Section Life insurance; solicitor as agent of insurer.
Section 500.2226 Section Life insurance; benefits, manner of payment, period, and premiums to be contained in policy.
Section 500.2227 Section Withholding final settlement amount; notice; escrow procedure to be followed by city, village, or township; disposition of money by local treasurer; commingling funds prohibited; retention of interest to defray expenses; forwarding policy proceeds; proof; effect of failure to provide reasonable proof; demolition of property; civil action for return of policy proceeds; liability; applicability of section; list of cities, villages, and townships; exception to withholding requirements; definitions.
Section 500.2228 Section Automobile insurance; contents of policy.
Section 500.2230 Section Mutual insurers other than life; contents of policy.
Section 500.2232 Section Reciprocal insurers; contents of policy.
Section 500.2235 Section Written notice to insured under worker's compensation insurance policy.
Section 500.2236 Section Forms generally; filing; approval; type size; membership in or subscription to rating organization; substitute form; readability score and other requirements; approval of changes or additions; notice of disapproval or withdrawal of approval; prohibition; hearing; separate violation; penalty; applicability of filing requirements; satisfaction of requirement for delivery of form or notice; "exempt commercial policyholder" and "insurer" defined; court review of order.
Section 500.2236a Section Interest indexed universal life insurance; information to be maintained on file.
Section 500.2237 Section Policy issued under chapter 34; prohibited restriction of liability.
Section 500.2238 Section Repealed. 1970, Act 180, Imd. Eff. Aug. 3, 1970.
Section 500.2239 Section Health care service rendered by dentist; benefits or reimbursement; “dentist” defined; policies to which section applicable.
Section 500.2242 Section Group disability policy; filing and approval of form; grounds for disapproval; notice, hearing, and appeal requirements; withdrawal of approval; quarterly filing; applicability of section to forms filed by nonprofit dental corporation.
Section 500.2243 Section Group policies; optometric service; coverage.
Section 500.2246 Section Insured or applicant for life insurance policy as victim of domestic violence; refusal to provide coverage prohibited; exceptions; liability; applicability to policies on or after June 1, 1998; “domestic violence” defined.
Section 500.2248 Section Automobile insurance; delivery of policy to insured.
Section 500.2250 Section Binders or other contracts for temporary insurance; applicability.
Section 500.2254 Section Action against domestic insurer by member or beneficiary; conditions.
Section 500.2260 Section Life or disability insurance; acts not constituting waiver of defenses.
Section 500.2264 Section Termination of dependent coverage at specified age; exception.
Section 500.2264a Section Hospital or medical care coverage or reimbursement for children who are full-time or part-time students and take leave of absence.
Section 500.2265-500.2290 Section Repealed. 1992, Act 84, Imd. Eff. June 2, 1992.
Section 500.2266 Section Electronic delivery of insurance documents; requirements; withdrawal of consent; civil liability; applicability to health insurer or health maintenance organization; definitions.