MCL - 218-1956-24

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 24
Document Type Description
Section 500.2400 Section Purposes and interpretation of chapter.
Section 500.2400a Section Repealed. 1993, Act 200, Eff. Dec. 28, 1994.
Section 500.2401 Section Applicability of chapter; insurance or coverage subject to regulation by another rate regulatory chapter; filing designation with commissioner; order for prior approval; absence of reasonable degree of competition.
Section 500.2402 Section Definitions; data collection agency; creation; purpose; governing board; appointment, terms, and qualifications of members; conduct of business at public meeting.
Section 500.2403 Section Rate-making provisions; uniformity among insurers.
Section 500.2404 Section Secondary or merit rating plan for commercial liability insurance rates; rating plan for medical malpractice insurance; limitations; “commercial liability insurance” defined.
Section 500.2405 Section Liquor liability insurance policies; server training discount plan; certified server training course.
Section 500.2406 Section Required filings by insurers; insufficient information; supporting information; notice; public inspection; becoming member of or subscriber to licensed rating organization; rates and rating systems regarding worker's compensation insurance; filings; certification; trade secret.
Section 500.2407 Section “Pure premium data” defined; worker's compensation insurance; collecting, compiling, or making available to insurers certain information; filing rating system incompatible with approved statistical plans; proposed plan for reporting data; hearing; sharing information in establishing rates prohibited; exception; cost of operating data collection agency; rules; applicability of section.
Section 500.2408 Section Review of filings by commissioner; purpose; waiting period; extension; effective date of filing; special filing; section inapplicable to worker's compensation insurance.
Section 500.2409 Section Repealed. 2016, Act 101, Eff. Aug. 1, 2016.
Section 500.2409a Section Repealed. 2016, Act 101, Eff. Aug. 1, 2016.
Section 500.2409b Section Repealed. 2016, Act 104, Eff. Aug. 1, 2016.
Section 500.2409c Section Repealed. 2016, Act 99, Eff. Aug. 1, 2016.
Section 500.2410 Section Filing requirements; modification or suspension by insurance commissioner.
Section 500.2411 Section Rates and rating systems; classifications; merit rating plan; use of single enterprise rule or similar rule prohibited.
Section 500.2412 Section Filing requirements; adherence by insurer.
Section 500.2414 Section Filing requirements; excess rates on specific risks.
Section 500.2416 Section Disapproval of filing; notice; waiting period.
Section 500.2418 Section Disapproval of filing after approval; hearing; notice; procedure.
Section 500.2419 Section Excessive premium charges for worker's compensation insurance; personal meeting with management representative; providing reserve and redemption information to insured upon request; determination of dispute by commissioner; rules; redemption of worker's compensation claim; notice.
Section 500.2420 Section Complaint of aggrieved person or organization; application for hearing; notice; order rendering filing ineffective; filing by insurer providing worker's compensation insurance controlled by nonprofit health care corporation; prohibited use of section.
Section 500.2421 Section Insurer authorized to write worker's compensation insurance; prohibited acts.
Section 500.2426 Section Manual of classifications, rules and rating plans; rates meeting standards.
Section 500.2430 Section Manual of classifications; rules and rating plans; alternative filing; effective date; hearing; order of disapproval; adjustment of premium; review of filing.
Section 500.2431 Section Group rated automobile insurance; MCL 500.2430 inapplicable.
Section 500.2434 Section Malpractice insurance for physicians; rating classifications; furnishing classifications to legislature and governor.
Section 500.2436 Section Application for license as rating organization; issuance of license by commissioner; fee; duration; notification of changes.
Section 500.2438 Section Rating organizations; subscribers; notice of changes in rules; furnishing of service without discrimination; review; order.
Section 500.2440 Section Rating organizations; rules affecting payment of dividends, savings or unabsorbed premium.
Section 500.2446 Section Rating organizations; cooperation with other rating organizations and insurers, discontinuance.
Section 500.2450 Section Rating organizations; deviation from filings, procedure, termination of deviation.
Section 500.2452 Section Rating organizations; alternative deviation, without waiting period, procedure, termination of deviation.
Section 500.2456 Section Rating organizations; subscriber appeal to insurance commissioner from action by organization.
Section 500.2458 Section Furnishing information as to rates; hearings for persons aggrieved by rating system; appeal; representation.
Section 500.2462 Section Advisory organizations; definition; filing; discontinuance of unfair or unreasonable practices; rate filings; violation.
Section 500.2464 Section Joint underwriting or reinsurance; unfair activities.
Section 500.2468 Section Examination of rating organizations; report.
Section 500.2472 Section Statistical plans; exchange of data, consultation.
Section 500.2474 Section Prohibited acts; violation; penalties.
Section 500.2475 Section Policy forms and statistical plans for worker's compensation insurance; continuation.
Section 500.2476 Section Assigned risks; rate modifications.
Section 500.2477 Section Repealed. 2016, Act 102, Eff. Aug. 1, 2016.
Section 500.2477a Section Repealed. 2016, Act 102, Eff. Aug. 1, 2016.
Section 500.2477b Section Repealed. 2016, Act 102, Eff. Aug. 1, 2016.
Section 500.2477c Section Repealed. 2016, Act 102, Eff. Aug. 1, 2016.
Section 500.2477d Section Repealed. 2016, Act 98, Eff. Aug. 1, 2016.
Section 500.2478 Section Violation of chapter; imposition and disposition of civil fine; suspension or revocation of license.
Section 500.2482 Section Insurer or rating organization aggrieved by order without hearing; hearing, court review.
Section 500.2484 Section Insurance commissioner; regulatory powers.