MCL - 218-1956-26

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 26
Document Type Description
Section 500.2600 Section Purpose of chapter; construction.
Section 500.2601 Section Scope of chapter.
Section 500.2603 Section Rate-making provisions; uniformity.
Section 500.2604 Section Expired. 1980, Act 461, Eff. Dec. 31, 1980.
Section 500.2606 Section Rate filings; proposed effective date; character and extent of coverage; insufficient information; public inspection; trade secret; inland marine rates; insurer as member of or subscriber to rating organization.
Section 500.2608 Section Rate filings; review by insurance commissioner; waiting period; specific inland marine rates on risks.
Section 500.2610 Section Filing requirements; modification or suspension by insurance commissioner.
Section 500.2612 Section Rate filings; adherence by insurer.
Section 500.2614 Section Rate organization; excess rates on specific risks.
Section 500.2616 Section Disapproval of filing by insurance commissioner; notice; waiting period; specific inland marine rate.
Section 500.2618 Section Failure of filing to meet requirements; procedure.
Section 500.2620 Section Disapproval of filing; complaint of aggrieved person or organization; hearing; notice; order rendering filing ineffective.
Section 500.2626 Section Manual, minimum, class rate, rating schedule, rating plan or rule; rates meeting standards.
Section 500.2628 Section Rates; alternative method of filing; disapproval; hearing; order; approval; adjustment of premium; review.
Section 500.2630 Section Rating organization; license application, contents.
Section 500.2636 Section Rating organizations; subscribers; notice of changes in rules and regulations; review; order.
Section 500.2638 Section Rating organizations; rules affecting payment of dividends, savings or unabsorbed premiums.
Section 500.2640 Section Rating organizations; cooperation with other rating organizations and insurers, discontinuance.
Section 500.2642 Section Rating organizations; submission of policies for examination; actuarial, technical, or other services.
Section 500.2646 Section Rating organizations; deviation, procedure, termination of deviation.
Section 500.2648 Section Rating organizations; alternative methods for deviation.
Section 500.2650 Section Rating organizations; member or subscriber, appeal to insurance commissioner.
Section 500.2652 Section Rating organization and insurer; rating information to insured, hearing; appeal.
Section 500.2654 Section Advisory organizations; definition; filing; discontinuance of unfair or unreasonable practices; rate filings; violation.
Section 500.2658 Section Joint underwriting or reinsurance; unfair activities.
Section 500.2662 Section Examination of rating advisory organizations; report.
Section 500.2664 Section Statistical plans; exchange of data, consultation.
Section 500.2666 Section Withholding information, false or misleading information; penalties.
Section 500.2670 Section Violation of chapter; imposition and disposition of civil fines; suspension or revocation of license.
Section 500.2672 Section Insurer or rating organization aggrieved by order without hearing; hearing, court review.
Section 500.2674 Section Insurance commissioner; regulatory powers.