MCL - 218-1956-31

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 31
Document Type Description
Section 500.3101 Section Security for payment of benefits required; period security required to be in effect; definitions; policy of insurance or other method of providing security; filing proof of security; exclusion.
Section 500.3101a Section Providing certificate of insurance to secretary of state and policy information to the Michigan automobile insurance placement facility; vehicle identification number as proof of vehicle insurance; confidentiality of policy information; prohibited acts; misdemeanor; penalty; report; "automobile insurance" and "private passenger nonfleet automobile" defined.
Section 500.3101b Section Repealed. 2011, Act 91, Imd. Eff. July 15, 2011.
Section 500.3101c Section Standard certified statement.
Section 500.3101d Section Qualification as self-insurer; certificate; issuance; cancellation.
Section 500.3102 Section Nonresident owner or registrant of motor vehicle or motorcycle to maintain security for payment of benefits; operation of motor vehicle or motorcycle by owner, registrant, or other person without security; penalty; failure to produce evidence of security; rebuttable presumption.
Section 500.3103 Section Owner or registrant of motorcycle; security required; offering security for payment of first-party medical benefits; rates, deductibles, and provisions.
Section 500.3104 Section Catastrophic claims association; board of directors; plan of operation; annual report; actuarial examination; refund; hearing; annual consumer statement; liability of association; definitions.
Section 500.3105 Section Insurer liable for personal protection benefits without regard to fault; “bodily injury” and “accidental bodily injury” defined.
Section 500.3106 Section Accidental bodily injury arising out of ownership, operation, maintenance, or use of parked vehicle as motor vehicle; conditions.
Section 500.3107 Section Expenses and work loss for which personal protection insurance benefits payable.
Section 500.3107a Section Basis of work loss for certain injured persons.
Section 500.3107b Section Reimbursement or coverage for certain expenses not required.
Section 500.3107c Section Personal protection insurance benefits; coverage limits for allowable expenses; form; rebuttable presumption; application of coverage selection; stacking of insurance policies; applicability to transportation network company vehicle; rider for attendant care.
Section 500.3107d Section Election to not maintain personal protection insurance benefit coverage; proof of qualified health coverage; form; failure to make election; termination of qualified health coverage; definitions.
Section 500.3107e Section Delivery of forms under MCL 500.3009, 500.3107c, 500.3107d; method of selection or election for forms.
Section 500.3108 Section Survivor's loss; benefits.
Section 500.3109 Section Subtraction of other benefits from personal protection benefits; injured person defined; deductible provision.
Section 500.3109a Section Offering deductibles and exclusions reasonably related to other health and accident coverage; exclusion for qualified health coverage; reduced premium rates; applicability of exclusion; termination of qualified health coverage; refusal to insure for failure to obtain certain security prohibited; amount of premium reduction.
Section 500.3110 Section Dependents of deceased person; termination of dependency; accrual of personal protection benefits.
Section 500.3111 Section Payment of personal protection insurance benefits for accident occurring out of state.
Section 500.3112 Section Persons to whom personal protection insurance benefits payable; claim to recover overdue benefits; discharge of insurer's liability.
Section 500.3113 Section Person not entitled to personal protection insurance benefits.
Section 500.3114 Section Persons entitled to personal protection insurance benefits or personal injury benefits; order of priority for claim of motor vehicle occupant or motorcycle operator or passenger; assigned claims plan; 2 or more insurers in same order of priority; partial recoupment; definitions.
Section 500.3115 Section Personal protection insurance benefits under the assigned claims plan for claims of persons not occupants of vehicle.
Section 500.3116 Section Value of claim in tort; subtraction from or reimbursement for benefits.
Section 500.3121 Section Liability for accidental damage to tangible property.
Section 500.3123 Section Exclusions from property protection insurance benefits.
Section 500.3125 Section Priorities in claiming property protection benefits.
Section 500.3127 Section Distribution of loss, reimbursement, and indemnification among property protection insurers.
Section 500.3131 Section Residual liability insurance; coverage.
Section 500.3135 Section Tort liability for noneconomic loss; exceptions; cause of action for damages; "serious impairment of body function" defined.
Section 500.3136 Section Tort liability for damage to tangible property from 1 accident in excess of limit under MCL 500.3121.
Section 500.3141 Section Notice of accident.
Section 500.3142 Section Personal protection insurance benefits payable as loss accrues; overdue benefits; interest.
Section 500.3143 Section Assignment of right to future benefits void.
Section 500.3145 Section Limitation of actions for recovery of personal or property protection insurance benefits; period of limitations; tolling; notice of injury.
Section 500.3146 Section Limitation of action by insurer for recovery or indemnity.
Section 500.3148 Section Attorney's fee; restrictions.
Section 500.3151 Section Submission to mental or physical examination; physician requirements.
Section 500.3152 Section Report of mental or physical examination.
Section 500.3153 Section Court orders as to noncompliance with MCL 500.3151 and 500.3152.
Section 500.3157 Section Charges for treatment or training for injured persons; limitation on eligibility for payment or reimbursement; applicability; "freestanding rehabilitation facility" defined; qualification for payment requirements; attendant care; neurological rehabilitation clinic; applicability to ambulance operation; definitions.
Section 500.3157a Section Provision of treatment, products, services, or accommodations under personal protection insurance; submission of records for utilization review; false or misleading information is a fraudulent insurance act; rules; appeal of determination.
Section 500.3157b Section Proprietary information; exemption from disclosure under the freedom of information act.
Section 500.3158 Section Statement of earnings; report and records from medical institution.
Section 500.3159 Section Discovery.
Section 500.3163 Section Automobile insurer; not required to provide personal and property protection insurance benefits to out-of-state residents; exception.
Section 500.3171 Section Assigned claims plan; organization and maintenance; participation; costs; rules; adoption and maintenance by Michigan automobile insurance placement facility; approval of plan; amendments; provisions; report; definitions.
Section 500.3172 Section Conditions to obtaining personal protection insurance benefits through assigned claims plan; collection of unpaid benefits; application and reasonable proof of loss; payment of interest; reimbursement from defaulting insurers; reduction of benefits; definitions; effect of dispute between insurers; limitation on benefits.
Section 500.3173 Section Certain persons disqualified from receiving benefits under assigned claims plans.
Section 500.3173a Section Eligibility for benefits; initial determination; denial; notice; false statement.
Section 500.3174 Section Notice of claim through assigned claims plan; assignment of claim; notice to claimant; commencement of action by claimant.
Section 500.3175 Section Rules for assignment of claims; duties of insurer to whom claims assigned; compromises and settlements; procedures; limitation on action to enforce rights; interest on delinquent payments; installment payments; default.
Section 500.3176 Section Taking costs into account in making and regulating rates.
Section 500.3177 Section Recovery by insurer of benefits and costs from owner or registrant of uninsured motor vehicle; written agreement to pay judgment in installments; notice.
Section 500.3178 Section Annual report.
Section 500.3179 Section Act applicable October 1, 1973.