MCL - 218-1956-41

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 41
Document Type Description
Section 500.4101 Section Definitions.
Section 500.4103 Section Delivery or issuance by insurer of modified guaranteed annuity; conditions.
Section 500.4105 Section Sales and advertising material; illustrations of benefits payable; prospectus.
Section 500.4107 Section Separate account annual statement and other information to be submitted to commissioner.
Section 500.4109 Section Disapproval by commissioner of filed material.
Section 500.4111 Section Filing requirements.
Section 500.4113 Section Modified guaranteed annuity contract; required provisions; market-value adjustment formula.
Section 500.4115 Section Nonapplicability of section; required provisions; minimum values of paid-up annuity, cash surrender, or death benefits available under modified guaranteed annuity contract; nonforfeiture amounts; percentages of net considerations.
Section 500.4117 Section Application for modified guaranteed annuity.
Section 500.4119 Section Reserve liabilities.
Section 500.4121 Section Modified guaranteed annuity separate accounts.
Section 500.4123 Section Annual report.
Section 500.4125 Section Compliance with law or regulation in place of domicile of foreign insurer as compliance with this chapter.
Section 500.4127 Section License to sell variable annuities required to sell modified guaranteed annuity contracts.