MCL - 218-1956-5A

Act 218 of 1956
Document Type Description
Section 500.550 Section Private cause of action not created; exclusive standards.
Section 500.553 Section Definitions.
Section 500.555 Section Comprehensive written information security program; requirements; duties of licensee and board of directors; third-party service provider; incident response plan; certification of compliance.
Section 500.557 Section Occurrence of cybersecurity event; investigation; maintenance of records.
Section 500.559 Section Notification of cybersecurity event involving nonpublic information; duty to update and supplement notifications to director; contents; application to third-party service provider; duties of ceding insurers with direct contractual relationship.
Section 500.561 Section Notice of cybersecurity event to residents of this state; conditions and requirements; duties of licensee; substitute notice; notification to certain consumer reporting agencies; exception; compliance with health insurance portability and accountability act considered compliance with section; notice with intent to defraud; misdemeanor; penalty; failure to provide notice; civil fine; aggregate liability; applicability of section; definitions.
Section 500.563 Section Confidentiality; use of documents, materials, or other information; duties of director.
Section 500.565 Section Exemption for certain licensees; timeline for implementation and compliance.