MCL - 218-1956-60

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 60
Reorganization of Mutual Insurers
Document Type Description
Section 500.6001 Section Definitions.
Section 500.6003 Section Reorganization of mutual company; formation.
Section 500.6005 Section Reorganization plan; adoption; amendment; withdrawal.
Section 500.6007 Section Reorganization plan; contents.
Section 500.6009 Section Reorganization plan; operation and support of closed block of business.
Section 500.6011 Section Reorganization plan; filing of documents; hearing; approval or disapproval of plan by commissioner; conditions for approval; retention and assistance of qualified expert.
Section 500.6013 Section Reorganization plan; membership meeting; notice; quorum; vote; proxy; voter eligibility.
Section 500.6015 Section Documents to be filed after plan approval.
Section 500.6017 Section Mutual holding company; articles of incorporation.
Section 500.6019 Section Reorganization plan; conditions for plan to take effect.
Section 500.6023 Section Membership interest in mutual holding company.
Section 500.6025 Section Mutual holding company; powers and duties.
Section 500.6027 Section Transfer, assignment, or diversion of business from converted business.
Section 500.6029 Section Receipt of fee, commission, or other consideration; payment of costs and expenses.
Section 500.6031 Section Substantial compliance with notice requirements; commencement of action challenging validity of certain acts or commissioner's decision.