MCL - 218-1956-79

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 79
Document Type Description
Section 500.7901 Section Property and casualty guaranty association act; short title.
Section 500.7911 Section Property and casualty guaranty association; membership; exception; laws to which association subject.
Section 500.7911a Section Life or disability insurer not to be member of association.
Section 500.7912 Section Property and casualty guaranty association; board of governors; appointment, terms, and qualifications of members; vacancy.
Section 500.7914 Section Property and casualty guaranty association; plan of operation, adoption, amendment, approval; failure to adopt operation plan.
Section 500.7916 Section Property and casualty guaranty association; servicing facilities; designation; reimbursement; authority; approval.
Section 500.7918 Section Property and casualty guaranty association; powers generally.
Section 500.7921 Section “Insolvent insurer” and “member insurer” defined.
Section 500.7925 Section “Covered claims” defined; definitions.
Section 500.7931 Section Payment and discharge of covered claims; association as party in interest; rights of association; cause of action against insureds; recoverable damages or benefits as credit against covered claim; action to recover excess payment; claims made under worker's disability compensation act; continuation and duration of coverage for covered claims; cancellation of insurance policies; notice; definitions.
Section 500.7933 Section Financial condition of member insurer; reports and recommendations; advice to commissioner; exemption from public disclosure.
Section 500.7935 Section Cooperation of insured with association; assignment of rights; indemnification from catastrophic claims association; options.
Section 500.7941 Section Assessments on member insurers; purpose; allocation of claim payments and costs to categories; separate assessments for each category; use, amount, and rate of assessment; remittance and administration of assessments; notice; limitation; exemption or deferment; recognition of assessments in rate-making procedures; refunds; revocation of certificate of authority.
Section 500.7945 Section Stay of proceedings.
Section 500.7947 Section Tax exemption.
Section 500.7948 Section Liability.
Section 500.7949 Section Insurance commissioner; regulatory powers; visitation; examination; hearings.