MCL - 218-1956-81a

Act 218 of 1956
Chapter 81a
Document Type Description
Section 500.8161 Section Definitions.
Section 500.8162 Section Society governed by chapter; exemption.
Section 500.8163 Section Society as charitable and benevolent institution; tax exemption.
Section 500.8164 Section Definition of fraternal benefit society.
Section 500.8165 Section Society operating on lodge system; requirements; lodges for children.
Section 500.8166 Section Representative form of government; requirements; postponement of society meetings.
Section 500.8167 Section Society operating for benefit of members and their beneficiaries; requirements; subsidiary corporations or affiliated organizations; laws and rules; additional powers.
Section 500.8168 Section Specification of eligibility standards, admission process, and rights and privileges; social members; rights personal and not assignable.
Section 500.8169 Section Principal office of domestic society; meetings of supreme governing body; validity of business transacted; minutes; official publication; report, notice, or statement; mailing or publication of synopsis of annual statement; grievance or complaint procedures.
Section 500.8170 Section Personal liability; indemnification and reimbursement; purchase of insurance.
Section 500.8171 Section Waiver of society's laws.
Section 500.8172 Section Formation of domestic fraternal society; requirements; filing documents; bond; certifying, retaining, and filing articles of incorporation; preliminary certificate of authority; solicitation of members; collection of premium; receipt; liability; issuance of certificate; paying or allowing benefit; examination; information; evidence of compliance; issuance of certificate of authority; certificate as evidence; record.
Section 500.8173 Section Reincorporation not required.
Section 500.8174 Section Amendment to laws.
Section 500.8175 Section Not for profit institution; purposes; reporting real or personal property.
Section 500.8176 Section Reinsurance agreement.
Section 500.8177 Section Consolidation or merger; compliance; filings; approval of contract; issuance of certificate; effective date; vesting of rights, franchises, and interest; affidavit as evidence of mailing notice or documents; payment of expenses and compensation; itemized statement of expenses; consolidation or merger subject to MCL 500.7604.
Section 500.8178 Section Domestic fraternal benefit society as mutual life insurance company.
Section 500.8179 Section Contractual benefits; specifying persons covered in rules.
Section 500.8180 Section Changing beneficiary; limiting scope of beneficiary designations; vested interest of revocable beneficiary; payment of funeral benefits; payment of benefit to personal representative or owner of certificate.
Section 500.8181 Section Attachment, garnishment, or other process.
Section 500.8182 Section Benefit contracts.
Section 500.8183 Section Value of paid-up nonforfeiture benefit; amount of cash surrender value, loan, or other option granted.
Section 500.8184 Section Investments generally.
Section 500.8185 Section Assets; special fund; accounts; issuance of contracts on variable basis; special procedures; special voting and other rights.
Section 500.8186 Section Standards of valuation for certificates; excess reserves.
Section 500.8187 Section Reports; annual statement; valuation of certificates; penalty.
Section 500.8188 Section Duration of license or authorization to transact business; copy of license as evidence.
Section 500.8189 Section Examination of society.
Section 500.8190 Section Foreign or alien society; license required; compliance; conditions.
Section 500.8191 Section Domestic society; deficiencies; notice; request for correction; noncompliance; action to enjoin or action in quo warranto; hearing; order; findings; liquidation; recognition of action; receiver; voluntary determination to discontinue business.
Section 500.8192 Section Foreign or alien society; deficiencies; notice; request for correction; noncompliance; suspension, revocation, or refusal of license; contracts.
Section 500.8193 Section Application or petition for injunction; recognition.
Section 500.8194 Section Agent of society; license required; exceptions.
Section 500.8195 Section Society subject to chapter 20.
Section 500.8196 Section Service of process.
Section 500.8197 Section False or fraudulent statement or representation as misdemeanor or perjury; violation of MCL 500.8177 as felony; soliciting or procuring membership in unlicensed society as misdemeanor; violation of or noncompliance with chapter; penalties.
Section 500.8198 Section Decisions and findings of commissioner; judicial review.
Section 500.8199 Section Exemptions.
Section 500.8199a Section Additional chapters and provisions applicable to fraternal benefit society.