MCL - 236-1961-21

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 21
Document Type Description
Section 600.2101 Section Cases tried without jury; objections to testimony or evidence; exclusion of testimony from record; taking of excluded testimony; return of excluded testimony to court of appeals or supreme court.
Section 600.2102 Section Affidavit taken in other state or country; authentication.
Section 600.2103 Section Judicial records of other states or countries; use as evidence; authentication.
Section 600.2104 Section Judicial records of foreign countries; copies as evidence.
Section 600.2105 Section Judicial records of foreign countries; proof by common law methods.
Section 600.2106 Section Court order, judgment, or decree of court of record; certified copy as evidence.
Section 600.2107 Section Public records; certified transcript as evidence.
Section 600.2108 Section Secretary of state; certificate of nonexistence of record.
Section 600.2109 Section Recorded conveyance and instruments; certified copies.
Section 600.2110 Section Recorded conveyances and instruments; record in county other than situs; certified copies.
Section 600.2111 Section Certificate of lost paper as evidence of loss.
Section 600.2112 Section Certificates of justices of the peace of other states as evidence.
Section 600.2113 Section Constitution, laws, and resolutions; official publication as evidence.
Section 600.2114 Section Repealed. 1967, Act 178, Eff. Nov. 2, 1967.
Section 600.2114a Section Issues of foreign law; notice; evidence; duties of court; review on appeal.
Section 600.2115 Section Repealed. 1967, Act 178, Eff. Nov. 2, 1967.
Section 600.2116 Section Laws, bylaws, regulations, resolutions, and ordinances of city, village, or township as evidence.
Section 600.2117 Section Device by way of seal as evidence of seal.
Section 600.2118 Section Repealed. 1967, Act 178, Eff. Nov. 2, 1967.
Section 600.2118a Section Foreign records and laws; evidence; copies, certification.
Section 600.2119 Section Judgment; record of certified copy as evidence.
Section 600.2120, 600.2121 Section Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
Section 600.2122 Section Certified as evidence; United States land office records.
Section 600.2123 Section Certified copies as evidence; records of board of control of Saint Mary's Falls ship canal.
Section 600.2124 Section Certified copies as evidence; United States weather record.
Section 600.2125 Section Proof of publication; notice of application to court or judicial officer.
Section 600.2126 Section Proof of publication; notice of sale of real property.
Section 600.2127 Section Proof of publication; presumptive evidence.
Section 600.2128 Section Proof of publication; prima facie evidence.
Section 600.2129 Section Proof of publication; copy of record of document; certification; court orders; seal.
Section 600.2130 Section Schedules, classifications, tariffs, and supplements filed with regulatory commissions; copies as evidence; presumption.
Section 600.2131 Section Written instruments; proof; acknowledgment.
Section 600.2132 Section Marriage certificates and records as evidence.
Section 600.2133 Section Marriage license or certificate; record as evidence.
Section 600.2134 Section Purchase of public lands; certificates as evidence.
Section 600.2135 Section Breed of horses; evidence.
Section 600.2136 Section Library record, book, or paper; copy or reproduction admissible as evidence; fee; false certification; penalty.
Section 600.2137 Section Reproduction or copy admissible in evidence.
Section 600.2138 Section Filed or recorded documents; copy or replacement; certification; admissibility as evidence; transcript or certified copy; filing or inserting correction, alteration, indorsement, or entry.
Section 600.2139 Section Seal; presumptive evidence of consideration.
Section 600.2140 Section Corporate existence; proof.
Section 600.2141 Section Copartnership; proof.
Section 600.2142 Section Seal; prima facie proof of lawful execution of instruments by corporations, other firms.
Section 600.2143 Section Subscribing witness to instrument need not be called; exception.
Section 600.2144 Section Signature or handwriting; proof.
Section 600.2145 Section Open account or account stated; proof, counterclaim.
Section 600.2146 Section Writing or record made in regular course of business; reproduction admissible in evidence; other circumstances; lack of entry; reproduction as evidence.
Section 600.2147 Section Business record prepared or entered in regular course of business; reproduction as evidence; delivery of copy to adverse party.
Section 600.2148 Section Reproduced records of business firms; disposal of original record; admissibility of reproduction in evidence; “person” defined.
Section 600.2149 Section Loss of instrument; proof and disproof.
Section 600.2150 Section Repealed. 1962, Act 174, Eff. Jan. 1, 1964.
Section 600.2151 Section Admission of member of corporation as evidence.
Section 600.2152 Section Mental competency of testator; presumption.
Section 600.2153 Section Public officers; administration of oaths for certain purposes.
Section 600.2154 Section Witness; obligation to answer through revealing civil liability; self-incrimination.
Section 600.2155 Section Statement, writing, or action expressing sympathy, compassion, commiseration, or benevolence; admissibility in action for malpractice; "family" defined.
Section 600.2156 Section Minister, priest, or Christian Science practitioner; nondisclosure of confessions.
Section 600.2157 Section Physician-patient privilege; waiver.
Section 600.2157a Section Definitions; consultation between victim and sexual assault or domestic violence counselor; admissibility.
Section 600.2157b Section Confidential communication to crime stoppers organization; definitions.
Section 600.2158 Section Crime; interest or relationship of witness, effect.
Section 600.2159 Section Parties as witnesses; depositions; comment on failure of criminal defendant to testify.
Section 600.2160 Section Repealed. 1967, Act 263, Eff. Nov. 2, 1967.
Section 600.2161 Section Cross examination of opposite party or agent.
Section 600.2162 Section Husband or wife as witness for or against other.
Section 600.2163 Section Repealed. 1998, Act 323, Imd. Eff. Aug. 3, 1998.
Section 600.2163a Section Definitions; prosecutions and proceedings to which section applicable; use of dolls or mannequins; support person; notice; videorecorded statement; special arrangements to protect welfare of witness; videorecorded deposition; section additional to other protections or procedures; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 600.2164 Section Expert witnesses; fees; contempt for excessive fees; number; application of section.
Section 600.2164a Section Expert witness; testimony at trial by video communication equipment; motion; payment of cost.
Section 600.2165 Section Disclosure of students' records or communications by school teacher or employee.
Section 600.2166 Section Admissibility of evidence in action by or against person incapable of testifying.
Section 600.2167 Section Repealed. 2014, Act 124, Imd. Eff. May 20, 2014.
Section 600.2169 Section Qualifications of expert witness in action alleging medical malpractice; determination; disqualification of expert witness; testimony on contingency fee basis as misdemeanor; limitations applicable to discovery.