MCL - 236-1961-29

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 29
Document Type Description
Section 600.2901 Section Actions abolished; alienation of affections, criminal conversation, seduction, and breach of contract to marry.
Section 600.2902 Section Actions abolished; certain real actions.
Section 600.2903 Section Judgment in tort; renewal; continuance of remedies.
Section 600.2904 Section Repealed. 1964, Act 170, Eff. July 1, 1965.
Section 600.2905 Section Civil actions by state; laws applicable.
Section 600.2906 Section Confession of judgment.
Section 600.2907 Section Malicious prosecution or action; civil liability, penalty.
Section 600.2907a Section Violation of MCL 565.25; liability to owner of encumbered property; penalty.
Section 600.2908 Section Repealed. 1972, Act 284, Eff. Jan. 1, 1973.
Section 600.2909 Section Stockholders; individual liability for corporate debts; enforcement; labor debts.
Section 600.2910 Section Action for seduction.
Section 600.2911 Section Action for libel or slander.
Section 600.2912 Section Actions for malpractice; member of state licensed profession.
Section 600.2912a Section Action alleging malpractice; burden of proof.
Section 600.2912b Section Action alleging medical malpractice; notice; mailing; notice period; statement; access to medical records; tacking successive notice periods; response; failure to receive response; health professional or facility not intending to settle.
Section 600.2912c Section Action alleging medical malpractice; filing affidavit certifying noninvolvement; dismissal of claim; reinstatement of party; discovery.
Section 600.2912d Section Action alleging medical malpractice; complaint to be accompanied by affidavit of merit; filing extension; failure to allow access to medical records.
Section 600.2912e Section Action alleging medical malpractice; filing answer to complaint; filing affidavit of meritorious defense; failure to allow access to medical records.
Section 600.2912f Section Waiver of privilege; permissible communication; disclosure not as violation of law.
Section 600.2912g Section Arbitration.
Section 600.2912h Section Settlement agreement.
Section 600.2913 Section Minor maliciously or wilfully destroying property or causing bodily harm or injury to person; recovery of damages from parents.
Section 600.2914 Section Discharge in bankruptcy; cancellation of judgment, procedure; notice to judgment creditor; judgments from other states; “judgment” defined; judgments under MCL 257.513.
Section 600.2915 Section Actions for taxes due other states; reciprocity.
Section 600.2916 Section Lethal gases for fumigation; liability; damages; means of ingress; locking; posting; permission to enter; notice; violation as felony; penalty.
Section 600.2917 Section Liability of library, merchant, agent, or independent contractor for conduct involving person suspected of larceny of goods or library materials, or of violating MCL 750.356c or MCL 750.356d; definitions.
Section 600.2917a Section Detention of individual believed by owner or lessee of theatrical facility to have violated MCL 750.465a.
Section 600.2918 Section Damages for forcible entry and detainer; damages for unlawful interference with possessory interest; exceptions; opening of probate estate; forcible entry or possession by occupant; action for possession; claim for injunctive relief; joinder; waiver; commencement of action; limitations; "owner" defined.
Section 600.2919 Section Damage or waste to land; damages; injunction; contempt.
Section 600.2919a Section Recovery of damages, costs, and attorney's fees by person damaged; remedy cumulative.
Section 600.2920 Section Unlawful taking or detention of goods or chattels; civil action to recover possession and damages; conditions; surrender or recovery of books or papers pertaining to office.
Section 600.2921 Section Survival of actions; death of injured person during pendency of action.
Section 600.2922 Section Death by wrongful act, neglect, or fault of another; liability; action by personal representative; limitation; notice; approval or rejection of proposed settlement; award and distribution of damages; presentation of claim for damages; advising attorney for personal representative of material facts; applicability of MCL 700.3924 to distribution of proceeds.
Section 600.2922a Section Wrongful or negligent act resulting in miscarriage, stillbirth, or physical injury; liability; exceptions; “physician or other licensed health professional” defined.
Section 600.2922b Section Use of deadly force or other than deadly force by individual in self-defense; immunity from civil liability.
Section 600.2922c Section Individual sued for using deadly force or force other than deadly force; award of attorney fees and costs; conditions.
Section 600.2923 Section Action on official or other bond; assignment of specific breaches; pendancy of suit; notice by surety; damages paid equal or less than liability of surety; execution; levy; judgments in excess of liability; unsatisfied executions.
Section 600.2924 Section Bill of discovery.
Section 600.2925 Section Repealed. 1974, Act 318, Imd. Eff. Dec. 15, 1974.
Section 600.2925a Section Right of contribution where judgment not recovered; limitation on recovery; effect of settlement; defenses; intervention; subrogation; right of indemnity; breach of fiduciary obligation; liability of secretary of state.
Section 600.2925b Section Determining pro rata shares of tortfeasors.
Section 600.2925c Section Enforcement of contribution; absence of judgment as bar to contribution; discharge of other tort-feasors; judgment binding in determining right to contribution.
Section 600.2925d Section Effect of release, covenant not to sue, or covenant not to enforce judgment.
Section 600.2926 Section Jurisdiction to appoint receivers; termination.
Section 600.2926a Section Cemetery receivers and conservators; appointments; term; accounting; compensation and expenses.
Section 600.2927 Section Mortgaged property; nonpayment of taxes or insurance as waste; appointment of receiver; conditions.
Section 600.2928 Section Land of infants and incompetents; disposition; discharge of incumbrance; effect of will or conveyance; proceeds of sale; dower; court orders; infant or incompetent as ward of court; proceedings; delivery of guardianship property.
Section 600.2929 Section Lands held in trust; sale by fiduciary, orders of court.
Section 600.2930 Section Life estate; sale on order of court; bond; confirmation; effect of conveyance, will, or order of court; proceedings.
Section 600.2931 Section Repealed. 2016, Act 489, Eff. Apr. 6, 2017.
Section 600.2932 Section Quieting title; interest of plaintiff; action by mortgagee; establishment of title; tenancy in common; actions.
Section 600.2933 Section Repealed. 2016, Act 489, Eff. Apr. 6, 2017.
Section 600.2934 Section Quieting title; lands owned by corporation after expiration of term; complaint; stockholders and creditors of corporation as defendants; service; judgment; damages; costs; actions.
Section 600.2935 Section Quieting title; recording of judgment.
Section 600.2936 Section Probate in chancery of foreign will; proof by copy; legal representative's bill of peace.
Section 600.2937 Section Obstructions and encroachments on public highways, streets and alleys; circuit court; relief.
Section 600.2938 Section Obscene matter; injunction; adjudication; temporary or preliminary injunction; effect of injunction; distribution of obscene matter after summons and complaint; delegation of authority; criminal prosecution; proceedings.
Section 600.2939 Section Gaming; action by loser; oath of parties; prosecution according to common law; forfeiture; limitation; securities; lands enuring of benefit.
Section 600.2940 Section Nuisance; abatement; circuit court; injunction; private nuisance; damages; warrant to abate and remove nuisance; expense; actions.
Section 600.2941 Section Artesian or flowing well; certain condition deemed nuisance; abatement; damages; unreasonable or unnecessary waste; order or judgment; reopening.
Section 600.2942 Section Public securities validation; action to contest validity; counterclaim; third party complaint; continuances; amendment; notice to appear; service; publication of order to appear; parties; other actions; intervention; final judgment; appeal; upholding validity of securities; definitions; short title; proceedings.
Section 600.2943 Section Quieting title; relief to defendant on rehearing.
Section 600.2944 Section Access to adjoining property for repairs or improvements.
Section 600.2945 Section Definitions.
Section 600.2946 Section Product liability action; admissible evidence.
Section 600.2946a Section Determination of damages; limitation.
Section 600.2947 Section Product liability action; liability of manufacturer or seller.
Section 600.2948 Section Death or injury; warnings as evidence.
Section 600.2949 Section Repealed. 1995, Act 249, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996.
Section 600.2949a Section Knowledge of defective product.
Section 600.2949b Section Automated motor vehicle; liability of manufacturer, subcomponent system producer, or motor vehicle mechanic or motor vehicle repair facility; applicability of MCL 600.2945 to 600.2949a; definitions.
Section 600.2950 Section Personal protection order; restraining or enjoining spouse, former spouse, individual with child in common, individual in dating relationship, or person residing or having resided in same household from certain conduct; respondent required to carry concealed weapon; omitting address of residence from documents; issuance, contents, effectiveness, duration, and service of personal protection order; entering order into law enforcement information network; notice; failure to comply with order; false statement to court; enforcement; respondent less than 18 years of age; ownership interest in animal; definitions.
Section 600.2950a Section Personal protection order restraining or enjoining individual from engaging in conduct prohibited under MCL 750.411h, 750.411i, or 750.411s; facts alleging stalking; conduct; respondent required to carry concealed weapon; omitting address of residence from documents; reasons for issuing or refusing to grant order; mutual order prohibited; effectiveness, issuance, contents, and duration of order; duties of court clerk; entering order into L.E.I.N.; service; notice to law enforcement agency; enforcement; refusal or failure to comply; false statement to court; purchase or possession of firearm; person less than 18 years ; issuance to prisoner prohibited; definitions.
Section 600.2950b Section Forms; liability of individual providing assistance.
Section 600.2950c Section Assistance with personal protection order; domestic violence victim advocate.
Section 600.2950h Section Definitions.
Section 600.2950i Section Foreign protection order; validity; affirmative defenses.
Section 600.2950j Section Foreign protection order; subject to full faith and credit and enforcement; child custody or support provision.
Section 600.2950k Section Foreign protection order; issuance against petitioner and respondent; conditions; “spouse or intimate partner” defined.
Section 600.2950l Section Foreign protection order.
Section 600.2950m Section Foreign protection order; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 600.2950n Section Order to transfer billing and rights to wireless telephone number to petitioner; conditions; forms.
Section 600.2950o Section Order issued under MCL 600.2950n; service; inability of wireless telephone service provider to effectuate order; notice; suspension of order; assumption of financial responsibility by petitioner; application of requirements for establishment of service; liability of provider and employees.
Section 600.2951 Section “Approved signaling device” and “pistol” defined; use of approved signaling device; strict liability for damages; exception.
Section 600.2952 Section Failure of maker to pay amount of dishonored check, draft, or order; liability; written demand for payment; delivery and text; effect of payment before trial; jurisdiction of action.
Section 600.2953 Section Retail fraud; liability; civil damages; demand for payment; text; noncompliance; effect of payment; jurisdiction; civil action against parent; formal police report; violation by merchant precluding recovery.
Section 600.2953a Section Motion picture recording violation.
Section 600.2954 Section Maintaining civil action against individual engaging in prohibited conduct; “victim” defined.
Section 600.2955 Section Scientific or expert opinion or evidence; admissibility.
Section 600.2955a Section Impaired ability to function due to influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substance as absolute defense; definitions.
Section 600.2955b Section Plaintiff's action for individual's bodily injury or death during commission of felony; dismissal with prejudice; stay of civil action until final disposition; period of limitations; applicability; definitions.
Section 600.2956 Section Several and joint liability.
Section 600.2956a Section Certificate of employability as evidence of due care.
Section 600.2957 Section Determination and allocation of fault; action against nonparty; amendment of pleading; assessment of fault against nonparty.
Section 600.2958 Section Plaintiff's contributory fault not as bar to recovery of damages.
Section 600.2959 Section Comparative fault; reduced damages.
Section 600.2960 Section Burden of proof; cause of action.
Section 600.2961 Section Definitions; determining when commission due; payment of commissions; liability; attorney fees and costs; jurisdiction; contract waiver void; applicability of section.
Section 600.2962 Section Malpractice action against certified public accountant.
Section 600.2962[1] Section Definitions; unauthorized receipt of cable or satellite television service; action to enjoin; damages; actual damages not required; separate causes of action.
Section 600.2962a Section Definitions; injunction; damages; civil action; court actions; actual damages or convictions not prerequisite to action; additional penalties or remedies; separate causes of action.
Section 600.2963 Section Commencement of civil action or filing appeal in civil action by prisoner; payment of filing fees and costs; claim of indigency; failure to pay fees and costs.
Section 600.2964 Section Social security or credit card number on check as condition of acceptance; requirement prohibited; exceptions; prima facie evidence of identity; violation; penalty; “sale at retail” defined.
Section 600.2965 Section Recovery of damages by firefighter or police officer; preclusion abolished.
Section 600.2966 Section Injury to firefighter or police officer; governmental immunity.
Section 600.2967 Section Recovery of damages by firefighter or police officer; circumstances as proof; construction of section; definitions.
Section 600.2968 Section Repealed. 2020, Act 367, Imd. Eff. Jan. 4, 2021.
Section 600.2969 Section Repealed. 1999, Act 239, Eff. Jan. 1, 2003.
Section 600.2970 Section Repealed. 1999, Act 240, Eff. Jan. 1, 2003.
Section 600.2971 Section Wrongful birth or wrongful life claims; prohibitions; exceptions.
Section 600.2972 Section Allegation of domestic violence; consideration of motion to seal court records; “domestic violence” defined.
Section 600.2973 Section Field crop produced for crop research or testing; intentional damage or destruction; damage award; definitions.
Section 600.2974 Section Limitation of civil liability for weight gain or obesity; requirements for cause of action; definitions.
Section 600.2975 Section Publishing instructions for manufacture or creation of methamphetamine; commencement of action; court order; relief; exception; definitions.
Section 600.2975a Section Entry of judgment for damages; notice to department.
Section 600.2976 Section Seller or end user who stores, secures, uses, transports, or protects anhydrous ammonia; immunity from tort liability; applicability; definitions.
Section 600.2977 Section Liquefied petroleum gas business; protection from liability; exception; definitions.
Section 600.2978 Section Court action by victim of female genital mutilation; remedies; definitions.
Section 600.2979 Section Action for trespass, unjust enrichment, or other action; Michigan electric cooperative easement; rebuttable presumption; liability; damages; definitions.