MCL - 258-1974-1

Act 258 of 1974
Chapter 1
Document Type Description
Section 330.1100 Section Definitions.
Section 330.1100a Section Definitions; A to E.
Section 330.1100b Section Definitions; F to N.
Section 330.1100c Section Definitions; P to R.
Section 330.1100d Section Definitions; S to W.
Section 330.1102 Section Department; establishment.
Section 330.1104 Section Director as head of department; authority; delegation; appointment of medical director of mental health services; clinical psychiatric decisions.
Section 330.1106 Section Director; appointment, term, and qualifications.
Section 330.1108 Section Director; compensation; restriction.
Section 330.1110 Section Citizens mental health advisory council.
Section 330.1112 Section Internal organization of department.
Section 330.1113 Section Injury to employee as result of assault by recipient of mental health services; compensation and fringe benefits.
Section 330.1114 Section Rules.
Section 330.1114a Section Applicability of provisions requiring or permitting rule promulgation.
Section 330.1116 Section Powers and duties of department.
Section 330.1116a Section Repealed. 2016, Act 320, Eff. Feb. 14, 2017.
Section 330.1118 Section Official name of facility; terminology.
Section 330.1120 Section Official head of facility.
Section 330.1122 Section Geographical service districts.
Section 330.1124 Section Waiting lists for admissions.
Section 330.1126 Section Admission or services appropriate to individual's condition or needs; duration of treatment.
Section 330.1128 Section Center for forensic psychiatry.
Section 330.1130 Section Repealed. 1995, Act 290, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996.
Section 330.1132 Section Repealed. 1995, Act 290, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996.
Section 330.1134 Section Psychiatric hospitals and psychiatric units; licensing; separate criteria for minors; coordination, cooperation, and agreements with state agencies; purpose.
Section 330.1134a Section Employing, contracting, or granting clinical privileges to individuals; prohibitions; written consent; criminal history check; conditional employment or granting clinical privileges; false information; use of information obtained under subsection (3) or (4); condition of continued employment; failure to conduct criminal history check; establishment of automated fingerprint identification system database; electronic web-based system; definitions.
Section 330.1135 Section Rules; MCL 330.1134 to 330.1150 inapplicable to adult foster care facilities or child care organizations.
Section 330.1136 Section Administration of MCL 330.1134 to 330.1150; rules.
Section 330.1137 Section Psychiatric hospital and psychiatric unit, license required; disclosures; provisional license; violation; penalty; annual licensure; fees; receipt of completed application; issuance of license within certain time period; report; “completed application” defined.
Section 330.1137a Section Psychiatric residential treatment facilities (PRTFs) for Medicaid recipients; request for proposals for providers; reimbursement requirements; rules; evaluation and revocation.
Section 330.1138 Section Original or annual license; inspection and approval by bureau of fire services.
Section 330.1139 Section License and permit fees.
Section 330.1140 Section Premises of applicant or licensee; right of entry.
Section 330.1141 Section Record of patient.
Section 330.1141a Section Exchange of confidential mental health and substance use disorder information; development of standard release form; workgroup; considerations; availability; electronic transmission.
Section 330.1142 Section Compliance with nondiscriminatory laws.
Section 330.1143 Section Governing body of facility; responsibilities.
Section 330.1143a Section Review of professional practices; scope; confidentiality; disclosure.
Section 330.1143b Section Patient referral; money or other consideration prohibited; violation; penalty.
Section 330.1144 Section Suspension, denial, or revocation of license; notice.
Section 330.1145 Section Hearing.
Section 330.1146 Section Appeal.
Section 330.1147 Section Exemptions.
Section 330.1148 Section Use of term “psychiatric hospital” or “psychiatric unit.”
Section 330.1149 Section Action to restrain or prevent construction, establishment, management, or operation of psychiatric hospital or unit without license.
Section 330.1149b Section Compliance with MCL 333.13801 to 333.13832.
Section 330.1150 Section Violation.
Section 330.1151 Section Electronic inpatient bed registry; accessibility; guidance committee; reporting requirements; quarterly status reports; secondary use; Michigan crisis and access line.
Section 330.1152 Section Adult foster care facility; noncompliance with contract, agreement, or arrangement; notice; suspension, revocation, or cancellation.
Section 330.1153 Section Rules for placement of mentally ill or developmentally disabled adults into community based dependent living settings or programs; rules for certification of specialized programs; inspection of facility; inspection report and certification, denial of certification, revocation, or certification with limited terms; reinspection; notice; contracts; licensure or placement pending promulgation of rules.
Section 330.1155 Section Repealed. 1995, Act 290, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996.
Section 330.1156 Section Family support subsidy program; establishment; purpose.
Section 330.1157 Section Rules; creation and contents of application forms.
Section 330.1158 Section Effect of approval of application; contract; report.
Section 330.1158a Section Family support subsidy payments not alienable.
Section 330.1159 Section Termination or denial of family support subsidy; hearing.
Section 330.1160 Section Family support subsidies; payment; adjustment of amounts.
Section 330.1161 Section Annual evaluation of program.
Section 330.1162 Section Office of multicultural services; creation; director.
Section 330.1163 Section Standing committee on multicultural services; appointment of members; purpose.
Section 330.1164 Section Duties of office.
Section 330.1165 Section Michigan crisis and access line; electronic inpatient psychiatric bed registry.
Section 330.1170 Section County mental health transportation panel; membership; contract with private security company; security transport officers.
Section 330.1172 Section Mental health transportation fund.