MCL - 258-1974-7

Act 258 of 1974
Chapter 7
Document Type Description
Section 330.1700 Section Definitions.
Section 330.1702 Section Receipt of mental health services; rights, benefits, privileges, and competency not affected.
Section 330.1704 Section Rights of recipient.
Section 330.1705 Section Second opinion.
Section 330.1706 Section Notice of rights.
Section 330.1706a Section Pamphlet; preparation; distribution; contents.
Section 330.1707 Section Rights of minor.
Section 330.1708 Section Suitable services; treatment environment; setting; rights.
Section 330.1710 Section Physical and mental examination; reexamination.
Section 330.1711 Section Rights of family members.
Section 330.1712 Section Individualized written plan of services.
Section 330.1713 Section Choice of physician or mental health professional.
Section 330.1714 Section Informing resident of clinical status and progress.
Section 330.1715 Section Services of mental health professional.
Section 330.1716 Section Surgery; consent.
Section 330.1717 Section Electroconvulsive therapy or other procedure; consent.
Section 330.1718 Section Psychotropic drugs.
Section 330.1719 Section Psychotropic drug treatment; duties of prescriber or licensed health professional.
Section 330.1720 Section Statistical report of deaths; investigation.
Section 330.1721 Section Investigation of certain deaths reported by psychiatric hospital or psychiatric unit.
Section 330.1722 Section Protection of recipient from abuse or neglect.
Section 330.1723 Section Suspected abuse of recipient or resident; report to law enforcement agency.
Section 330.1723a Section Appointment of guardian ad litem.
Section 330.1723b Section Report by person not employed by or under contract to department, facility, or community mental health services program.
Section 330.1723c Section Violation of MCL 330.1723 or making of false report as misdemeanor; civil liability.
Section 330.1724 Section Fingerprints, photographs, audiorecording, or use of 1-way glass.
Section 330.1726 Section Communication by mail and telephone; visits.
Section 330.1728 Section Personal property.
Section 330.1730 Section Money.
Section 330.1732 Section Accepting funds for use of resident.
Section 330.1734 Section Facility as representative payee or fiduciary.
Section 330.1736 Section Performance of labor by resident.
Section 330.1738 Section Repealed. 1995, Act 290, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996.
Section 330.1740 Section Physical restraint.
Section 330.1742 Section Seclusion.
Section 330.1744 Section Freedom of movement.
Section 330.1746 Section Record.
Section 330.1748 Section Confidentiality.
Section 330.1748a Section Child abuse or neglect investigation; request for mental health records and information; immunity from civil or administrative liability; imposition of duties under another statute.
Section 330.1749 Section Statement correcting or amending information.
Section 330.1750 Section Privileged communications.
Section 330.1752 Section Policies and procedures.
Section 330.1753 Section Recipient rights system; review by department.
Section 330.1754 Section State office of recipient rights; establishment by department; selection of director; powers and authority of state office of recipient rights.
Section 330.1755 Section Office of recipient rights; establishment by community mental health services program and hospital.
Section 330.1756 Section State recipient rights advisory committee; appointment by director.
Section 330.1757 Section Recipient rights advisory committee; appointment by community mental health services program board.
Section 330.1758 Section Recipient rights advisory committee; appointment by licensed hospital.