MCL - 281-1967-3-17

Act 281 of 1967

Document Type Description
Section 206.701 Section Definitions.
Section 206.703 Section Tax withholding; deduction; amount; computation; duties of employer; flow-through entity; casino licensee; racing licensee or track licensee; eligible production company; publicly traded partnership; agreement with community college; nonresident individual; exemption certificate; disbursement pursuant to qualified charitable gift annuity; receipt of exemption certificate from member other than nonresident individual; tax withheld by flow-through entity; revocation of election provided in subsection (16); election to file return and pay tax; exception from certain withholding requirements; conditions.
Section 206.705 Section Payment at other than monthly periods or deposit in separate bank account; grounds.
Section 206.707 Section Filing 1099-MISC; failure to comply with filing requirement; penalty; filing with city.
Section 206.709 Section Federal or state employer; return by officer of employer having control of payment of compensation.
Section 206.711 Section Income other than distributive share from flow-through entity; tax withholding and deduction; duplicate statement; annual reconciliation return; agreement with community college; delineation of taxes withheld and paid to state attributable to certified new jobs under good jobs for Michigan program; filing revised information; failure or refusal to furnish information.
Section 206.713 Section Report on operation and effectiveness of new jobs training programs and corresponding withholding requirements; contents.
Section 206.715 Section Employer credit for paid adoption leave.