MCL - Section 286.211

Act 189 of 1931

286.211 Nonresident nurseryman, dealer, or grower; license required; fee; waiver; reciprocal agreements; violation as grounds for denial of right to ship nursery stock.

Sec. 11.

    (1) Each nonresident nurseryman, dealer, or grower, who solicits or takes orders for or sells nursery stock in this state through resident or nonresident agents, shall each year obtain a license from the director, for which the fee shall be as prescribed in section 9. The director may waive the license fee requirement if there is a reciprocal agreement with the appropriate authority of the state in which the applicant's principal place of business is located waiving the requirements for Michigan nurserymen, plant growers, or dealers in that state. The director may enter into reciprocal agreements with responsible officers of other states under which nursery stock owned or handled by nurserymen, plant growers, or dealers of those states may be sold in this state without the payment of the license fee provided for in this section.
    (2) The director may deny an out-of-state nurseryman or nursery stock dealer the right to ship nursery stock into this state if the department of agriculture determines that the nurseryman or nursery stock dealer has violated this act or a rule promulgated under this act.

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