MCL - Section 286.215

Act 189 of 1931

286.215 Tags on stock; inspection of imported stock on request; expense.

Sec. 15.

     It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, partnership, association or corporation to bring or cause to be brought into this state, or to transport or ship within this state, any nursery stock unless there is plainly and legibly marked thereon or affixed thereto, or on, or to the car or other vehicle carrying, or on the bundle, package, or other container of the same, in a conspicuous place, a statement or a tag or other device showing the names and addresses of the consignor or shipper, and the consignee or person to whom shipped, the general nature of the contents, as well as labels upon each variety as to name and grade as approved by the American Association of Nurserymen and such stock shall be in a live and vigorous condition and of the grade specified, together with a certificate of inspection of the proper official of the state, territory, district, or country from which it was brought or shipped: Provided, however, That if persons to whom stock has been shipped believe said stock to be infected with a contagious disease or infested with a dangerous insect or that said stock does not meet the approved grades, he may call upon the commissioner of agriculture to inspect said stock, and the expenses incurred in making such inspection are paid by such person. Such stock may be shipped to the commissioner of agriculture with all transportation charges prepaid, for inspection without any additional expense to the owner other than transportation, drayage and other storage charges when such charges are necessarily incurred.

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