MCL - Section 286.401

Act 6 of 1959

286.401 Grape growers; chemical substances; definitions.

Sec. 1.

     As used in this act:
    (a) "Grape grower" means a producer of grapes for profit.
    (b) "Grape vineyard" means lands upon which grapevines are maintained and harvested for profit.
    (c) "Townships" means government survey townships, and need not be in the same county.
    (d) "Proximity" means a radial distance of 2 miles from the site of damage.
    (e) "Development" means natural and normal growth before harvest.
    (f) "Affected area" means the area defined in the petition. The affected area may be altered by description in the order of the director, if the director finds that such alteration should be made to effectuate the purposes of the petition.
    (g) "Major source of agricultural income" means that the producers of grapes within the affected area obtain at least 10% of their gross income as a group in any 5-year period from the production of grapes.
    (h) "Director" means the director of the state department of agriculture.

History: 1959, Act 6, Imd. Eff. Apr. 9, 1959