MCL - Section 286.682

Act 94 of 2018

286.682 Definitions.

Sec. 2.

    As used in this act:
    (a) "Advisory committee" means the seed potato advisory committee created in section 6.
    (b) "Certified seed" means a class of seed that meets the requirements of 1959 PA 221, MCL 286.71 to 286.75, and the rules promulgated under that act.
    (c) "Certifying authority" means the official seed-certifying agency of this state or the authorized seed potato certifying agency of another state, territory, or country.
    (d) "Cultivar" means unique variety.
    (e) "Department" means the department of agriculture and rural development.
    (f) "Director" means the director of the department.
    (g) "Distribute" means to offer for sale, sell, barter, deliver, supply, furnish, or otherwise provide seed potatoes.
    (h) "Field year" means the number of years a particular seed lot has been grown in the field after greenhouse propagation.
    (i) "Fund" means the agriculture licensing and inspection fees fund created in section 9 of the insect pest and plant disease act, 1931 PA 189, MCL 286.209.
    (j) "Hundredweight" means a unit of weight equal to 100 pounds.
    (k) "Person" means an individual, partnership, association, corporation, governmental entity, or other legal entity.
    (l) "Rule" means a rule promulgated pursuant to the administrative procedures act of 1969, 1969 PA 306, MCL 24.201 to 24.328.
    (m) "Seed lot" means all the seed potatoes of the same variety that are of a single class and specific seed source and are harvested from a field or stored together in a specific storage facility.
    (n) "Seed potato" means the tuber that is used for the reproduction of the potato.
    (o) "State national harmonization program" means the state national harmonization program for seed potatoes developed by the plant protection and quarantine program of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service in the United States Department of Agriculture.

History: 2018, Act 94, Eff. June 24, 2018