MCL - Section 286.773

Act 417 of 2006

286.773 Definitions.

Sec. 3.

    As used in this act:
    (a) "AASSPs" means anhydrous ammonia safety and security practices established by the commission under section 5.
    (b) "Anhydrous ammonia" means an inorganic compound that consists of 1 nitrogen atom and 3 hydrogen atoms and has a chemical formula of NH3. Anhydrous ammonia is ammonia gas in a compressed or liquefied form but is not aqueous ammonia, which is a solution of ammonia gas in water.
    (c) "Commission" means the commission of agriculture.
    (d) "End user" means the person actually using anhydrous ammonia for a legal purpose.
    (e) "Seller" means a person selling anhydrous ammonia at wholesale or retail to an end user for a legal purpose.

History: 2006, Act 417, Imd. Eff. Sept. 29, 2006