MCL - Section 287.334

Act 287 of 1969

287.334 Application for pet shop licenses; fee; deposit; filing of completed license application; "completed application" defined.

Sec. 4.

    (1) Applications for pet shop licenses must be on a form as provided or made available by the director. Beginning October 1, 2003 through September 30, 2012, the director shall issue pet shop licenses for a term of 1 year beginning January 1 of each year. After September 30, 2012, the director shall issue a pet shop license upon application and payment of a license fee of $150.00.
    (2) Subject to subsection (6) and until September 30, 2012, the department shall charge a fee of $200.00 for an initial application for a pet shop license and a fee of $100.00 for renewal of a pet shop license.
    (3) Until September 30, 2012 and except as otherwise provided for in this section, a pet shop license is renewable by submission of a completed renewal application provided or made available by the department and payment of the renewal fee described in subsection (2).
    (4) The department shall deposit all license fees, inspection fees, other noncriminal fines or fees, and administrative fines received pursuant to this act into the agriculture licensing and inspection fees fund created in section 9 of the insect pest and plant disease act, 1931 PA 189, MCL 286.209, to be used, pursuant to appropriation, by the director in administering and carrying out those duties required by law under this act.
    (5) Beginning July 23, 2004, the department shall issue an initial or renewal pet shop license not later than 90 days after the applicant files a completed application. Receipt of the application is considered the date the application is received by any agency or department of this state. If the application is considered incomplete by the department, the department shall notify the applicant in writing, or make the information electronically available, within 30 days after receipt of the incomplete application, describing the deficiency and requesting the additional information. The 90-day period is tolled upon notification by the department of a deficiency until the date the requested information is received by the department. The determination of the completeness of an application is not an approval of the application for the license and does not confer eligibility of an applicant determined otherwise ineligible for issuance of a license.
    (6) If the department fails to issue or deny a license within the time required by this section, the department shall return the license fee and shall reduce the license fee for the applicant's next renewal application, if any, by 15%. The failure to issue a license within the time required under this subsection does not allow the department to otherwise delay the processing of the application, and that application, upon completion, must be placed in sequence with other completed applications received at that same time. The department shall not discriminate against an applicant in the processing of the application based upon the fact that the license fee was refunded or discounted under this subsection.
    (7) As used in this section, "completed application" means an application complete on its face and submitted with any applicable licensing fees as well as any other information, records, approval, security, or similar item required by law or rule from a local unit of government, a federal agency, or a private entity but not from another department or agency of this state. In the case of an initial application, completed application includes the completion of construction or renovation of any facility and the passing of a satisfactory inspection.

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