MCL - 288-1939-X

Act 288 of 1939
Chapter X
Document Type Description
Section 710.1-710.14 Section Repealed. 1974, Act 296, Eff. Jan. 1, 1975.
Section 710.21 Section Short title of act; Michigan adoption code.
Section 710.21a Section General purposes of chapter.
Section 710.21b Section Court order or decree issued in another country; rights and obligations of parties.
Section 710.22 Section Definitions.
Section 710.22a Section Adoption placement or issuance of order prohibited; convictions.
Section 710.23 Section Hearing appeal brought under MCL 400.115k; powers of court.
Section 710.23a Section Direct placement by parent or guardian of child for adoption; temporary placement; formal placement; selection by parent or guardian not delegated; information to be provided by prospective adoptive parent, adoption attorney, or child placing agency; placement of child with stepparent or relative; attendance of child at hearing.
Section 710.23b Section Placement of child by child placing agency or department of social services; written authorization from parent or guardian for temporary placement; assistance; involvement of parent or guardian in selection of adoptive parent; validity of authorization.
Section 710.23c Section Placement of child by court.
Section 710.23d Section Temporary placement; procedures.
Section 710.23e Section Temporary placement; hearing to determine custody; petition; ex parte order to return child to parent or guardian; petition requesting court jurisdiction; temporary disposition; powers of court; act as exclusive remedy.
Section 710.23f Section Preplacement assessment.
Section 710.23g Section Requirement to provide services that conflict with child placing agency's religious beliefs prohibited; adverse action against child placing agency prohibited.
Section 710.24 Section Petition for adoption; filing; jurisdiction; verification; contents; preplacement assessment; omission of certain identifying information.
Section 710.24a Section Interested parties; appointment of guardian to defeat parent's status as interested party.
Section 710.25 Section Proceedings; priority; disposition; adjournment or continuance.
Section 710.26 Section Documentation required; informing adoptee and adoptive parents of MCL 710.27a, 710.27b, 710.68, 710.68a, and 710.68b; applicability of subsection (2); providing adoptee and adoptive parents with list of adoption support groups; applicability of subsection (3).
Section 710.27 Section Nonidentifying information to be provided prospective adoptive parent; time of submission; supplemental information; compilation; maintenance; transmission; destruction of information as misdemeanor; forwarding adoption records; adoptions to which section applicable; exchanging identifying information.
Section 710.27a Section Statement consenting to or denying release of identifying information; statement providing notice that former parent deceased; statement releasing adult former sibling's name and address; presumption of release of certain identifying information.
Section 710.27b Section Central adoption registry; establishment; maintenance; statements to be kept on file; forms; transmission of clearance reply; attachments; transmission of statement releasing former adult sibling's name and address.
Section 710.28 Section Release; persons authorized to execute; release to child placing agency or department; advising parent or guardian of child placing agencies; advising agencies of child's availability for adoption; release of child by agency to department; child as state ward; proof accompanying release.
Section 710.29 Section Release; separate instrument; persons before whom release executed and acknowledged; execution in another state or country; out-of-court release; verified statement; investigation; explaining legal rights to parent or guardian; order terminating rights; order committing child to child placing agency or department; foster care funding; termination of jurisdiction; hearing to consider revocation of release.
Section 710.31 Section Child born out of wedlock; inability to obtain release or consent of natural father; release by mother; petition of dependency or neglect; order authorizing temporary care; delaying formal execution of mother's release.
Section 710.33 Section Notice of intent to claim paternity.
Section 710.34 Section Ex parte petition evidencing intent to release or consent; notice of intent to release or consent; form.
Section 710.36 Section Hearing to determine whether child born out of wedlock and to determine identity and rights of father; filing proof of service of notice of intent or acknowledgment; copy of notice of intent to claim paternity; notice of hearing; contents; filing proof of service of notice of hearing; waiver; evidence of identity; affidavit or verified written declaration; finding; adjournment of proceedings.
Section 710.37 Section Termination of rights of putative father.
Section 710.39 Section Inquiry into fitness of putative father; determining best interests of child; termination of rights of putative father; determination that rights of putative father not be terminated; use of mother or guardian release or consent relinquishing rights to child; order granting custody to putative father and legitimating child; fee; report.
Section 710.41 Section Conditions to placing child in home for purpose of adoption; adoption by foster parent or by petitioner married to parent having legal custody.
Section 710.43 Section Consent to adoption; persons authorized to execute.
Section 710.44 Section Consent to adoption; separate instrument; persons before whom consent executed and acknowledged; execution in another state or country; verified statement; investigation; explaining legal rights of parent or guardian; conditions to execution of adoptee's consent to adoption; out-of-court consent.
Section 710.45 Section Withholding of consent by representative or court; motion by petitioner; decision by court; termination of rights; entering orders; appeal.
Section 710.46 Section Investigation; considerations; report; waiver.
Section 710.48 Section Repealed. 1980, Act 288, Eff. Oct. 17, 1980.
Section 710.51 Section Order terminating rights of parents or person in loco parentis; placement of child with petitioner; extension of time; conditions; child as ward of court; termination of jurisdiction; marriage of petitioner to parent having legal custody; placement without making child ward of court; evidence; order terminating rights of divorced or unmarried parent not having legal custody; conditions; consent to services for child by prospective adoptive parents.
Section 710.52 Section Supervision of child; reports.
Section 710.54 Section Prohibitions as to money or other consideration or thing of value; statement; compensation for certain activities prohibited; payment of charges; documents filed with court; assuring compliance; approval of fees and expenses; violation.
Section 710.55 Section Persons authorized to place child for adoption or advertise for, solicit, or recruit biological or adoptive parents or guardians; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; “advertise for, solicit, or recruit” defined.
Section 710.55a Section Representation by attorney.
Section 710.56 Section Order of adoption; time; waiver; extension of time; hearing; effect of filing petition for rehearing or appeal from order terminating parental rights; conditions; adoption of adult.
Section 710.56a Section Repealed. 2008, Act 331, Eff. Dec. 18, 2008.
Section 710.58 Section Order of adoption; certified copies.
Section 710.58a Section Information to be forwarded by court; “primary adoption facilitator” and “public information form” defined.
Section 710.59 Section Changing name of adopted child; effect on order of adoption and exemplification of record.
Section 710.60 Section Adoptee to be known and called by new name; status and liability of persons adopting adoptee; rights and duties of adopted person; adopted person as heir at law; order for grandparenting time.
Section 710.62 Section Effect of denying order of adoption.
Section 710.63 Section Denial of petition or motion or failure to issue order; statement by court.
Section 710.64 Section Rehearing; modifying or setting aside order; entering order with respect to original hearing or rehearing of contested matters.
Section 710.65 Section Appeal to court of appeals; staying court order pending appeal; priority.
Section 710.66 Section Adult adoptee; rescinding adoption by stepparent and restoring parental rights of parent; rescission petition; filing new certificate of birth; hearing; certified copies; effect of entry of order of rescission.
Section 710.67 Section Disposition of adoption records; copying or inspecting records; petition; notice and hearing; granting or denying petition; disclosing names of biological or adoptive parents; certified copy of new birth certificate; powers and duties of children's ombudsman.
Section 710.68 Section Nonidentifying and identifying information; request; availability; release; request for adoption record information; identity of court or child placing agency; counseling; list of adoption support groups; transmitting information of medical or genetic condition; return of information undelivered; placement of information in adoption files; releasing or transmitting copies; information returned undelivered; notice to department of community health; sealing original and preparing new birth certificate; release of identifying information as misdemeanor; adoptions to which section applicable; "adult adoptee" defined; fees; waiver; powers and duties of children's ombudsman.
Section 710.68a Section Providing information pamphlet, list of adoption support groups, and information about MCL 710.27a, 710.27b, 710.68 and 710.68b; placement of requester's current address in adoption files.
Section 710.68b Section Definitions; petition to appoint confidential intermediary to search for and contact former family member; approval; training; oath of confidentiality; duties of confidential intermediary; acceptance of money or other value; failure to contact former family member.
Section 710.69 Section Violation of MCL 710.41 as felony.
Section 710.70 Section Prior adoption proceedings or orders of adoption.