Act 288 of 1967
Document Type Description
Section 560.201 Section Assessor's plat; compliance; conditions for ordering; resolution; report; estimated cost.
Section 560.201a Section Assessor's plat; additional conditions for ordering.
Section 560.201b Section Assessor's plat; additional conditions for ordering.
Section 560.202 Section Name and boundary description; plat made by surveyor.
Section 560.203 Section Assessor's plat; payment of costs and expenses; cost charged to land.
Section 560.204 Section Survey requirements; setting of monuments.
Section 560.205 Section Notice to proprietors.
Section 560.206 Section Reconciliation of boundaries within plat.
Section 560.207 Section Boundaries and numbering of lots within plat.
Section 560.208 Section Surveyor's certificate.
Section 560.209 Section Filing; county road commission approval; publication; action to correct plat.
Section 560.210 Section Local authorities approval; acknowledgment; review by director of energy, labor, and economic growth; recording.
Section 560.211 Section Recording; notification of local authorities; apportionment of taxes.
Section 560.212 Section References to plat descriptions; use; plats as evidence.
Section 560.213 Section Plat recorded after tax day; substitution of plat description; certification of acquisition of public lands.