MCL - 295-2008-2-C.

Act 295 of 2008
Document Type Description
Section 460.1071 Section Energy waste reduction plan; goal; provisions; limitation on expenditures; customer energy optimization plan.
Section 460.1072 Section Efficient electrification measures plan; health and safety benefits; calculation of reduction of energy consumption; recovery of costs.
Section 460.1073 Section Waste reduction plan; approval by commission; review; contested case hearing; proposed amendment; rejection of plan and amendments; applicability of section after December 31, 2024.
Section 460.1074 Section Energy waste reduction cost reconciliation.
Section 460.1075 Section Energy waste reduction plan; exceeding standard; authorization for commensurate financial incentive; payment; limitations; "life cycle cost reductions" defined.
Section 460.1077 Section Incremental energy savings; goals; determination; calculations; basis; substitution.
Section 460.1078 Section Petition by electric provider to establish alternative energy waste reduction level; petition by natural gas provider to establish alternative energy waste reduction standard; determination.
Section 460.1079 Section Repealed. 2016, Act 342, Eff. Apr. 20, 2017.
Section 460.1080 Section Low-income energy waste reduction programs; annual expenditures; minimization of barriers to participation.
Section 460.1080a Section Hiring of diverse energy waste reduction workforce and contractors; annual report.
Section 460.1081 Section Repealed. 2016, Act 342, Eff. Jan. 1, 2022.
Section 460.1083 Section Energy waste reduction credit; grant; expiration; carrying forward excess credits.
Section 460.1085 Section Energy waste reduction credit; transfer prohibited.
Section 460.1087 Section Certification and tracking program; credit.
Section 460.1089 Section Recovery of costs; limitation; capitalization costs; funding level for low income residential programs; authorization of natural gas provider to implement revenue decoupling mechanism.
Section 460.1091 Section Alternative compliance payment.
Section 460.1093 Section Self-directed energy waste reduction plan.
Section 460.1095 Section Duties and authority of commission; duties of Michigan agency for energy.
Section 460.1097 Section Compliance with energy waste reduction standards; reports; applicability of subsection (5).
Section 460.1099 Section Civil action against municipally owned electric utility or cooperative electric utility.
Section 460.1101 Section Statewide energy storage target; compliance; contracts; review and approval; long-term energy storage systems and multiday energy storage systems study; placed in service; definitions.
Section 460.1103 Section Report to commission on centralized and distributed electricity storage systems.