MCL - 299-1980-7

Act 299 of 1980
Article 7

Document Type Description
Section 339.701-339.716 Section Repealed. 1997, Act 10, Imd. Eff. May 16, 1997.
Section 339.720 Section Definitions; practice of public accounting.
Section 339.721 Section State board of accountancy; creation; qualifications of members; promulgation of rules.
Section 339.722 Section Licenses, registrations, and certificates as certified public accountant.
Section 339.723 Section Use of title, terms, or abbreviations indicating person is certified public accountant; prohibited conduct; display or uttering of certain instrument or device as prima facie evidence that person caused or procured display; use of certain designations in connection with firm name; violation; fine; investigation and enforcement.
Section 339.724 Section Conduct not prohibited by article.
Section 339.725 Section Issuance of certificate as certified public accountant; requirements; examination; qualifying experience.
Section 339.726 Section Holder of certificate issued by another state or foreign jurisdiction; requirements for issuance of certificate by department.
Section 339.727 Section Use of authorized title; requirements.
Section 339.727a Section Individual whose principal place of business is outside of state; practice without need to obtain certificate, license, or temporary practice permit; requirements; practice privileges.
Section 339.728 Section License to engage in practice of public accounting; application by firm; requirements; change in address; practice of public accountancy without license under subsection (1); conditions; other professional services practiced without license.
Section 339.729 Section License renewal; continuing education requirements.
Section 339.730 Section Contingent fee.
Section 339.731 Section Commission or referral fee.
Section 339.732 Section Confidentiality; disclosure of information.
Section 339.733 Section Statements, records, schedules, working papers, or memoranda; restriction; sale, transfer, bequeathing, or assignment.
Section 339.734 Section Prohibited conduct; penalties; report to department.
Section 339.734a Section Exercise of privilege granted by MCL 339.727a; conditions; disciplinary action for act committed in another licensing jurisdiction; prima facie evidence of violation.
Section 339.735 Section Violation as felony; penalty; enforcement.
Section 339.736 Section Issuance of audit report; opinion as to whether financial information is presented according to statutory accounting principles.