Act 300 of 1949
Document Type Description
Section 257.233 Section Transfer or assignment of title to, or interest in, registered vehicle; disposition of plates; application for new registration certificate; penalty; indorsement on certificate of title; effective date of transfer; submission of secured receipt.
Section 257.233a Section Transfer of title or interest in vehicle; disclosure of odometer mileage; electronically signed odometer disclosure statement; electronic system; transfer of ownership; "private parties" defined.
Section 257.233b Section Definitions; disclosure by dealer of damage or repair; exception; grounds for revocation.
Section 257.234 Section Presentation of certificate of title and registration certificate to secretary of state; fees; issuance of new certificate of title and registration certificate; mail or delivery; repossession of license plates; payment of transfer fee; compliance with MCL 257.238.
Section 257.235 Section Dealer as transferee of vehicle; requirements; duties; liability of dealer or transferee; transfer of title or interest to another dealer; duties of dealer; dealer reassignment of title form; buy back or off lease vehicle.
Section 257.235a Section Licensed dealer or junk dealer purchasing vehicle for purpose of destroying or junking vehicle; acceptance and disposition of certificate of title; fee.
Section 257.235b Section Possession of certificate of title by inventory lender for vehicle subject to inventory loan; written agreement; release of certificate of title by used or secondhand vehicle dealer's inventory lender; limitation; failure to release vehicle title; registration with secretary of state; applicability of section to certain licensed dealers; applicability of MCL 257.235; definitions.
Section 257.236 Section Procuring title to vehicle acquired by operation of law; validity of registration upon death of owner; application for title by surviving spouse or heir; proof of death; certification; petition.
Section 257.236a Section Termination of owner's interest by enforcement of security agreement; application for new certificate; certification; holding vehicle for resale; termination of owner's interest by sale pursuant to court process; issuance and contents of new certificate; outstanding certificate.
Section 257.237 Section Transfer of registration; issuance of new registration certificate and certificate of title; filing surrendered certificate of title; retention of records.
Section 257.238 Section Security interest in vehicle; certificate of title; assignment; termination statement; electronic transactions.
Section 257.239 Section Certificate of title; failure to endorse or deliver, fine.
Section 257.240 Section Liability for use or ownership of vehicle after transfer of endorsed certificate of title; conditions; violation of subsection (2); civil infraction; fine; towing and storage fees.
Section 257.241 Section Electronic lien title system; establishment, implementation, and operation; contracts; participation of secured parties; inclusion of secured interest or other information in electronic file; execution of release; delivery; assignment of ownership by vehicle dealer; admissibility as evidence of security interest; determination of requirements by secretary of state; establishment, implementation, and operation by July 1, 2016; information to be entered beginning October 1, 2016; definitions.
Section 257.242 Section Sale of vehicle for salvage.
Section 257.242a Section Regrooved or recut motor vehicle or motorcycle tires; sale or possession with intent to sell prohibited; exception; misdemeanor.