Act 300 of 1949
Document Type Description
Section 257.716 Section Exceeding size and weight limitations as misdemeanor; exceptions; rules; operation of wrecker, disabled vehicle, and trailer; noncompliance as civil infraction; fine.
Section 257.717 Section Maximum permissible width of vehicle or load; extension beyond center line of highway; permit; designation of highway for operation of vehicle or vehicle combination; special permit; boat lift or trailer; snowplow blade; violation as civil infraction; charging owner.
Section 257.718 Section Width of load carried on passenger type vehicle; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.719 Section Height of vehicle; liability for damage to bridge or viaduct or resulting injury; normal length maximum; prohibitions; length of certain vehicles prohibited from operation on state highways; combination of truck and semitrailer transporting assembled motor vehicles or bodies; connecting assemblies and lighting devices; gross weight; violation as civil infraction; applicability of subsections (2)(a) and (3)(b); definitions.
Section 257.719a Section Operation of towing vehicle to which mobile home or park model trailer attached.
Section 257.719b Section Certain mobile homes transported in lower peninsula; additional requirements.
Section 257.719c Section Truck and semitrailers used for transporting passengers for sightseeing purposes.
Section 257.720 Section Construction or loading of vehicles to prevent contents from escaping; exception; closing tailgates, faucets, and taps; exemption; proof of violation; loading of vehicles not completely enclosed; prima facie liability; exceptions; front end loading device; violation; penalty; "logs" defined.
Section 257.721 Section Passenger vehicle or pickup truck towing vehicle or trailer; drawbar or other connection; coupling devices and safety chains; pickup truck with fifth wheel assembly; conditions for towing additional trailer or semitrailer; speed limit requirements; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.722 Section Maximum axle load; normal loading maximum; designating highways as adequate for heavier loading; restrictions as to tandem axle assemblies; exceptions; public utility vehicles; normal size of tires; maximum wheel load; reduction of maximum axle load on concrete pavements during March, April, and May; exemptions; suspension of restrictions; determination of gross vehicle weight and axle weights; designation of highways for operation of certain vehicles; increase in axle loading maximums; engine fueled by compressed or liquefied natural gas; definitions.
Section 257.722a Section Transporting flammable liquid; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; enforcement; “in bulk” defined; vehicles transporting hazardous materials.
Section 257.723 Section Towing or platform bed wreckers or road service vehicles; compliance with federal identification requirements; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.724 Section Stopping vehicle for weighing; shifting or removing load; civil fine and costs; moving vehicle to place of safekeeping; impoundment; lien; foreclosure sale; powers of authorized agent; unlawful weight as civil infraction; fine; driving duly marked vehicle; failure to stop as misdemeanor.
Section 257.724a Section Axle weight requirements; exception; weight after lift axles lowered; "lift axle" defined.
Section 257.725 Section Special permit for certain vehicles and loads required; fees; violation as civil infraction; annual permit for movement of construction equipment; "jurisdictional authority" defined.
Section 257.725a Section Transportation of farm machinery or implements by dealer; annual permit; condition.
Section 257.726 Section Prohibitions, limitations, or truck route designations by local authorities and county road commissions; signs; written objection by adjoining township; violation as civil infraction; exception for agricultural equipment.
Section 257.726a Section Enforcement of act on boundary streets or highways.
Section 257.726b Section Violation as to load, weight, or height of vehicle or load; powers of police officer.
Section 257.726c Section Duly authorized agent of county road commission; shoulder patch required; firearm.
Section 257.727 Section Arrest without warrant; arraignment by magistrate or family division of circuit court.
Section 257.727a Section Repealed. 1979, Act 66, Eff. Aug. 1, 1979.
Section 257.727b Section Citation books; issuance; receipt.
Section 257.727c Section “Citation” defined; numbering, form, and parts of citation; modification and optional use of citation; complaint signed by police officer as made under oath; conditions.
Section 257.728 Section Arrest without warrant; preparation and contents of citation; informing offender of violation; arraignment before magistrate or probate court; appearance; guaranteed appearance certificate or deposit; fees; violation by officer or magistrate; issuance of citation to operator involved in accident; issuance of citation to person operating commercial motor vehicle.
Section 257.728a Section Citation; delivery of copies to police chief or duly authorized person; deposit of original with court; mailing original to court; spoiled, mutilated, or voided citation; criminal complaint.
Section 257.728b Section Establishment of procedures to insure accountability; maintenance of citation records.
Section 257.728c Section Audit of citation records.
Section 257.728d Section Falsification of citation or record of issuance; penalty.
Section 257.728e Section Accepting plea; signing of complaint; filing sworn complaint; warrant for arrest.
Section 257.729 Section Fine and costs.
Section 257.730 Section Provisions governing arrests without warrant and issuance of citations; execution of warrant.
Section 257.731 Section Evidence of conviction or civil infraction determination inadmissible in civil action.
Section 257.732 Section Record of cases; forwarding abstract of record or report to secretary of state; settlement; abstracts forwarded; "felony in which a motor vehicle was used" defined; statement; "felony in which a commercial motor vehicle was used" defined; certification that all abstracts forwarded; noncompliance as misconduct in office; location and public inspection of abstracts; entering abstracts on master driving record; exceptions; informing courts of violations; entering order of reversal in book or index; modifications; abstract as part of written notice to appear; immediate report; expunction prohibited.
Section 257.732a Section Driver responsibility fee; assessment; notice; payment by installment; failure to pay fee; suspension of driving privileges; fire protection fund; creation; disposition of funds; transmission of fees to state treasurer; collection of assessments subject to MCL 257.304; assessment and collection; provisions applicable beginning September 30, 2018; reinstatement; appropriation.
Section 257.732b Section Driver responsibility fee; workforce training; participation as alternative to paying fee.
Section 257.732c Section Workforce training payment program; creation; development; administrator; definitions.
Section 257.732d Section Driver responsibility fee obligations affected by changes to state law; education of affected individuals.
Section 257.733 Section Release of accident information to nongovernmental agency; exception.
Section 257.741 Section Civil infraction action as civil action; commencement; plaintiff; jurisdiction; time and place for appearance; venue.
Section 257.742 Section Stopping, detaining, and issuing citation for civil infraction; pursuing, stopping, and detaining person outside village, city, township, or county; purpose; violation as to load, weight, height, length, or width of vehicle or load; powers of police officer; issuing citation to driver of motor vehicle; form of citation; informing person of alleged civil infraction; delivering copy of citation to alleged offender; issuing, serving, and processing citations for parking and standing violations; filing citation with court; “parking violation notice” and “parking violations bureau” defined.
Section 257.743 Section Contents of citation issued pursuant to MCL 257.742; timely appearance.
Section 257.744 Section Admissions or denials; sworn complaint; warrant for arrest.
Section 257.744a Section Police officer knowingly making materially false statement in citation as perjury; felony; penalty; contempt of court.
Section 257.745 Section Responding to allegations in citation; appearance in person, by representation, or by mail; admission of responsibility; acceptance of admission; denial of responsibility; scheduling of informal or formal hearing.
Section 257.746 Section Informal hearing; procedure.
Section 257.747 Section Formal hearing; procedure.
Section 257.748 Section Default judgment; suspension of license.
Section 257.749 Section Stopping nonresident for civil infraction; release personal recognizance; immediate hearing before magistrate; failure to appear; default judgment.
Section 257.750 Section Issuance of citations; number as factor in evaluation of police officer's performance prohibited; applicability of MCL 257.901; fees prohibited; violation of MCL 257.749 as misconduct in office; removal.