MCL - 300-1980-5

Act 300 of 1980
Article 5

Document Type Description
Section 38.1381 Section Retirement allowance under MCL 38.1384; application; eligibility requirements.
Section 38.1381a Section Retirement allowance computed according to MCL 38.1384(1); reduction inapplicable; definitions.
Section 38.1381b Section Retirement; eligibility requirements; computation; extension; "incentivized retirement application period" defined; amortization of additional costs.
Section 38.1381c Section Member 60 years of age or older with 10 or more years of service; increase in regular retirement age; adjustment by retirement board; "regular retirement age" defined.
Section 38.1381d Section Employment retirement system; election to participate in Tier 2; method of accepting elections; election period; member not making election considered as member of Tier 1; collection of employer and employee contributions; qualified participant considered as participant in Tier 2; definitions.
Section 38.1382 Section Deferred vested service retirement allowance; entitlement; computation; application; forfeiture; payment of option to beneficiary.
Section 38.1383 Section Date of retirement allowance; payment on cessation of eligibility for continuation of benefits.
Section 38.1384 Section Retirement allowance; benefits; applicability of reduction; recalculation of retirement allowance; adjusted retirement allowance; election to return retirement allowance payments.
Section 38.1384b Section Retirement allowance for member making alternative election under section 59(2)(a) or (b); calculation; items of credited service under section 59(1); accumulation of years of service credit for purpose of vesting; calculation of retirement allowance under section 59(1) but not making attainment date designation; "attainment date" defined.
Section 38.1385 Section Payment options; election; change of option or beneficiary; payment to beneficiary; reversion of benefit to straight retirement allowance; term of payment; beneficiary predeceasing retirant who returns to service; effect of election of retirant's divorce from spouse designated as beneficiary; payment of difference between accumulated contributions and aggregate amount of retirement allowance payments; change of beneficiary; optional form of benefit payment; limitation; termination.
Section 38.1386 Section Disability allowance; requirements; extension of application time limit; computation; effective date.
Section 38.1387 Section Duty disability retirement allowance; requirements; computation; effective date; service credit; adjustment.
Section 38.1388 Section Duty or nonduty disability retirant; medical examination; affidavit; deception; discontinuance or revocation of nonduty disability retirement allowance; return to membership; restoration of credited service; restoration of duty disability retirant to active service; cessation of allowance or rights to allowance; lump sum payment; payment on retirant's sixtieth birthday; reduction of retirement allowance; computation of allowable earnings; applicability of subsection (4).
Section 38.1389 Section Surviving spouse; computation, payment, and termination of retirement allowance; remarriage of surviving spouse; allowance for surviving child less than 18; election of retirement allowance beneficiary; grounds for voiding election; death of member; presumption of dependency; termination of allowance; payment to refund beneficiary; member contributing to member investment plan.
Section 38.1390 Section Surviving spouse of deceased member receiving worker's disability compensation; computation, payment, and termination retirement allowance; remarriage of surviving spouse; allowance for surviving children less than 18; computation, payment, and termination of allowance for surviving child less than 18 or for surviving dependent parent; computation and effective date of retirement allowance beneficiary's duty death retirement allowance; use of average annual compensation; election to accept refund; payment to legal representative of deceased member's or retirant's estate.
Section 38.1391 Section Hospital, medical-surgical, and sick care retirant benefits; dental and vision retirant benefits; retirement system premium; maximum contribution rate; health benefits coverage for dependent of retirant; coordination of benefits; definitions.
Section 38.1391a Section Retiree health care insurance coverage for employees hired after September 4, 2012; matching contribution in lieu of health insurance coverage benefits; vesting provisions; election to opt out of health insurance coverage premiums; effect of not making election under subsection (5); break in service or reemployment; implementation and applicability of subsections (5) to (10); report; definitions.
Section 38.1392 Section Long-term care insurance; withholding from retirement allowance.
Section 38.1392a Section Administration of changes; appropriation; work project; carrying forward unencumbered or unallotted funds.
Section 38.1392b Section Appropriation; purposes; amount; completion date.
Section 38.1392c Section Appropriation.
Section 38.1393 Section Third-party study.