MCL - 300-1980-7

Act 300 of 1980
Article 7

Document Type Description
Section 38.1420 Section Tier 2 plan; implementation.
Section 38.1421 Section Words and phrases in sections 122 to 124; date for implementation of Tier 2 plan.
Section 38.1422 Section "Accumulated balance" and "compensation" defined.
Section 38.1423 Section "Employer" and "former qualified participant" defined.
Section 38.1424 Section "Plan document," "qualified participant," "refund beneficiary," and "state treasurer" defined.
Section 38.1425 Section Tier 2; department as fiduciary and trustee; appointment of advisory board; provisions and procedures; personnel and other services; adoption and compliance.
Section 38.1426 Section Request for hearing; conduct under administrative procedures act of 1969.
Section 38.1427 Section Investment; direction by qualified participant, former qualified participant, and refund beneficiary; applicability of limitations; annuity options.
Section 38.1428 Section Tier 2; administrative expenses.
Section 38.1429 Section Participation in other public sector retirement benefits plan; "public sector employer" defined.
Section 38.1431 Section Tier 2 account; contributions; additional contribution; additional matching contributions by employer.
Section 38.1431a Section Tier 2 accounts; terms and conditions.
Section 38.1432 Section Vesting.
Section 38.1434 Section Refund beneficiary.
Section 38.1435 Section Tier 2; eligibility to receive distribution; effect of death of qualified participant; methods of distribution.
Section 38.1437 Section Exemption from state, county, municipal, or local tax; right to setoff to recover overpayments.
Section 38.1451-38.1467 Section Repealed. 1997, Act 143, Imd. Eff. Nov. 19, 1997.