MCL - 328-1931-LX

Act 328 of 1931
Chapter LX
Document Type Description
Section 750.409 Section Repealed. 2002, Act 210, Imd. Eff. Apr. 29, 2002.
Section 750.409a Section Expired. 1984, Act 407, Eff. May 1, 1985.
Section 750.409b Section Ransomware; possession; use; prohibition; violation as felony; penalty; "ransomware" defined.
Section 750.410 Section Solicitation of personal injury claims; validity of contracts; furnishing, selling, or buying information as to identity or treatment of patient.
Section 750.410a Section Conspiring to commit person to institution for mental incompetents deemed felony.
Section 750.410b Section Contact with individual or family member sustaining personal injury as result of motor vehicle accident; prohibition; exceptions; definitions; violation as misdemeanor; costs.
Section 750.410c Section Distributing, delivering, selling, or possessing a drug-masking product; prohibition; violation as a misdemeanor.
Section 750.411 Section Hospitals, pharmacies, physicians; duty to report injuries; violation as misdemeanor; immunity; limitations.
Section 750.411a Section False report of crime or report of medical or other emergency; violation; penalty; payment of costs by juvenile; jurisdiction; definitions.
Section 750.411b Section Excess fees to members of legislature, for services.
Section 750.411c Section Asphyxia or death from submersion in water, reports, investigations, penalty.
Section 750.411d Section Requesting assistance of ambulance service or advanced mobile emergency care service with intent not to use assistance as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 750.411e Section Repealed. 2020, Act 367, Imd. Eff. Jan. 4, 2021.
Section 750.411f Section Violations of Michigan employment security act; prosecution; effective date of section.
Section 750.411g Section “Bed and breakfast” and “hotel” defined; prohibited acts; penalties; restitution for room damage; posting copy of section in conspicuous place; prosecution for underlying violation.
Section 750.411h Section Stalking; definitions; violation as misdemeanor; penalties; probation; conditions; evidence of continued conduct as rebuttable presumption; additional penalties.
Section 750.411i Section Definitions; aggravated stalking; circumstances; violation as felony; penalty; probation; additional conditions of probation; effect of continued course of conduct; rebuttable presumption; additional penalty.
Section 750.411j Section Definitions.
Section 750.411k Section Proceeds of criminal offense; receipt; acquisition; financial transaction.
Section 750.411l Section Fourth-degree money laundering.
Section 750.411m Section Third-degree money laundering.
Section 750.411n Section Second-degree money laundering.
Section 750.411o Section First-degree money laundering.
Section 750.411p Section Financial transaction involving proceeds of criminal offense; representation by law enforcement officer; felony; penalty; threshold amount.
Section 750.411q Section Obtaining information and access to financial crimes enforcement network; disseminating information; authorization by federal government.
Section 750.411r Section Unused property merchant; prohibited acts; violation as misdemeanor; definitions.
Section 750.411s Section Posting message through electronic medium; prohibitions; penalty; exceptions; definitions.
Section 750.411t Section Hazing prohibited; violation; penalty; exceptions; certain defenses barred; definitions; section title.
Section 750.411u Section Associate or member of gang; commission or attempt to commit felony; membership in gang as motive, means, or opportunity; penalty; definitions; consecutive sentence.
Section 750.411v Section Causing, encouraging, recruiting, soliciting, or coercing another to join, participate in, or assist gang in felony; violation as felony; threat of injury or damage as felony; additional sentence; definitions.
Section 750.411w Section Automated sales suppression device or zapper, phantom-ware, or skimming device; sale, purchase, installation, transfer, or possession prohibited; violation as felony; liability for taxes and penalties; exception; definitions.
Section 750.411x Section Cyberbullying prohibited; violation as misdemeanor; violation as felony; definitions.