MCL - 328-1931-LXVII

Act 328 of 1931
Chapter LXVII
Document Type Description
Section 750.448 Section Soliciting, accosting, or inviting to commit prostitution or immoral act; crime.
Section 750.449 Section Admitting to place for purpose of prostitution; crime.
Section 750.449a Section Engaging services for purpose of prostitution, lewdness, or assignation; engaging services with person less than 18 years of age for purpose of prostitution, lewdness, or assignation; penalty.
Section 750.450 Section Aiding, assisting, or abetting; penalty.
Section 750.451 Section Violation of MCL 750.448, 750.449, 750.449a(1), 750.450, or 750.462; prior convictions; penalty; prosecution of person under 18 years of age; presumption; report; investigation by department of health and human services; "prior conviction" defined.
Section 750.451a Section Law enforcement officers; applicability.
Section 750.451b Section Applicability of MCL 750.451a.
Section 750.451c Section Individual as victim of human trafficking violation; applicability of subsection (2); deferred proceedings; determination of court; violation of term or condition of probation; adjudication of guilt; circumstances; discharge and dismissal; proceedings open to public; record; nonpublic record; "human trafficking violation" defined.
Section 750.452 Section House of ill-fame or for purpose of prostitution or lewdness; keeping, maintaining, or operating as felony; penalty.
Section 750.453 Section Providing incriminating testimony or evidence; use of truthful testimony, evidence, or other information against witness in criminal case.
Section 750.454 Section Leasing houses for purposes of prostitution; misdemeanor.
Section 750.455 Section Certain conduct as felony.
Section 750.456 Section Placing spouse in house of prostitution; felony.
Section 750.457 Section Accepting, receiving, levying, or appropriating from earnings of person engaged in prostitution.
Section 750.458 Section Detaining person in house of prostitution for debt; felony.
Section 750.459 Section Transporting person for prostitution; sale of travel services for purposes of prostitution or human trafficking; conduct against minor; felony; "travel services" defined.
Section 750.460 Section Acts committed outside state.
Section 750.461 Section Competency of person to testify for or against accused notwithstanding person's marriage to accused.
Section 750.462 Section Female 16 years of age or less in house of prostitution; crime.