MCL - 350-1980-2

Act 350 of 1980
Part 2

Document Type Description
Section 550.1201 Section Health care corporation; incorporation; number of persons; payment of cash or other material benefit to subscriber; applicable laws; charitable and benevolent institution; exemption from taxation; certificate of authority; health care benefits and certificates.
Section 550.1201a Section Formation of health care corporation after January 1, 2014; prohibition.
Section 550.1202 Section Articles of incorporation; contents; number; forms; examination and certification by attorney general; fees.
Section 550.1203 Section Amendment or restatement of articles; review; approval.
Section 550.1204 Section Filing of statements and documents; examination; investigation; additional information; conditions; duties of commissioner.
Section 550.1204a Section Unimpaired surplus.
Section 550.1205 Section Repealed. 2003, Act 59, Eff. July 23, 2003.
Section 550.1205a Section Actuarial practices and accounting principles; financial report.
Section 550.1206 Section Funds, property, and business of health care corporation; investments; insurance; prepaid health care benefits.
Section 550.1207 Section Powers of health care corporation; interests of senior citizens; validity of corporate acts.
Section 550.1208 Section Action by member; complaint.
Section 550.1209 Section Action by member; discontinuance, compromise, or settlement; notice; expense.
Section 550.1210 Section Action by member; reasonable expenses; attorney's fees.
Section 550.1211 Section Administrative services only and cost-plus arrangements; service contracts; fees; administrative costs; marketing policy; notice; coverage, rights, and obligations under collective bargaining agreement; liability of individual; report; “noninsured benefit plan” defined.
Section 550.1211a Section Definitions; prohibited acts by corporation; processing claims for benefits on timely basis; claim form; notice to covered individuals; notice to corporation of complaint and proceedings contemplated; hearing; findings; order; violation of order; penalty; action and award of actual monetary damages; review; stay of enforcement.
Section 550.1212 Section Action without notice or lapse of time periods; waiver; attorney-in-fact.
Section 550.1213 Section Indemnification.
Section 550.1214 Section Rate of interest.
Section 550.1215 Section Health care corporation as shareholder in other nonprofit corporation; rights, powers, privileges, and liabilities.
Section 550.1216, 550.1217 Section Repealed. 2002, Act 559, Imd. Eff. Sept. 27, 2002.
Section 550.1218 Section Health care corporation; prohibited actions.
Section 550.1219 Section Provisions superseded.
Section 550.1220 Section Merger of health care corporation with nonprofit mutual disability insurer.