MCL - 350-1980-6

Act 350 of 1980
Part 6

Document Type Description
Section 550.1601 Section Regulation and supervision of health care corporation; delegation of authority.
Section 550.1602 Section Statement of condition; statistical, financial, and other reports.
Section 550.1603 Section Visitation and examination; access to books, papers, and documents; witnesses; expenses; disclosure of information; reporting violation; action by attorney general; ex parte order directing compliance.
Section 550.1603a Section Health care corporation subject to MCL 500.224 and 500.225; costs and expenses.
Section 550.1604 Section Confidentiality; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 550.1605 Section Certificate of authority; suspension or limitation; circumstances; order; hearing; notice.
Section 550.1606 Section Authority of commissioner regarding officers and directors; authority as to dissolution, taking over, or liquidation of corporations; insolvency defined.
Section 550.1607 Section Submission of new or revised certificate and applicable proposed rates; approval or disapproval; exemption; circumstances and conditions; notice; implementation of certificates and rates.
Section 550.1608 Section Rates charged to nongroup subscribers for certificate; methodology and definitions of rating system, formula, component, and factor used to calculate rates for group subscribers for certificate; filing; approval, disapproval, or modification; standard; burden of proof; effective date of proposed rate; rate adjustments; implementation prior to approval; examination of financial arrangement; formulae, and factors.
Section 550.1609 Section Excessive rate; administrative expense budget; equitable rate; adequate rate; line of business to be self-sustaining; cost transfers for benefit of senior citizens and group conversion subscribers.
Section 550.1610 Section Filing of information and materials relative to proposed rate; notice; approval, approval with modifications, or disapproval; additional information and materials; determination; notice; visitation and examination; expenses; order; effect of inability to approve 1 or more rating classes of business within line of business; information in support of nongroup rate filing; public inspection of information; forms and instructions for filing proposed rates.
Section 550.1611 Section Legislative intent.
Section 550.1612 Section Notice of rate filing; contents of request for hearing; advertisements; limitation on fee for copy of rate filing; waiver or reduction of fee; calculation of costs.
Section 550.1613 Section Request for hearing; standing of person; access to filing; confidentiality; penalty; appointment and qualifications of independent hearing officer; commencement of hearing; discovery; conducting hearing; burden of proving compliance; factors in rendering proposal for decision; order rendering decision; withdrawal of order.
Section 550.1614 Section Interim rates; petition; determination; granting interim rate; final rate determination; refunds or adjustments; limitation on order establishing interim rate adjustment; rates to which section applicable.
Section 550.1615 Section Review of final order or decision.
Section 550.1616 Section Endorsing, filing, and indexing documents; notice of refusal to file; judicial review; certificate of correction; persons adversely affected by correction; documents to which section inapplicable.
Section 550.1617 Section Rules.
Section 550.1618 Section Compliance with new procedures, benefits, or contracts.
Section 550.1619 Section Injunction; declaratory and equitable relief; enforcement of act or rules.
Section 550.1620 Section Certificate subject to policy and certificate issuance and rate filing requirements; establishment of reasonable open enrollment periods; frequency and duration; denial, condition, or discrimination.