MCL - 354-1996-2

Act 354 of 1996
Chapter 2
Document Type Description
Section 487.3201 Section Financial institutions bureau; jurisdiction; duties of commissioner; construction of act.
Section 487.3202 Section Prohibited conduct.
Section 487.3203 Section Federal insurance of deposits required.
Section 487.3204 Section Savings bank; asset tests; loans for domestic residential housing; failure to satisfy asset tests.
Section 487.3205 Section Appointment of examiners and employees; payment of compensation, travel, and expenses.
Section 487.3206 Section Commissioner, deputy commissioner, or examiner; prohibited conduct.
Section 487.3207 Section Commissioner, deputy commissioner, or examiner; civil liability.
Section 487.3208 Section Rules, orders, and declaratory rulings.
Section 487.3209 Section Savings banks and entities subject to examination by commissioner.
Section 487.3210 Section Schedule of supervisory fees; initial supervisory fee.
Section 487.3211 Section Circuit court subpoena to appear; petition by commissioner; scope; failure to appear as contempt.
Section 487.3212 Section Privilege against self-incrimination; perjury.
Section 487.3213 Section Confidentiality; exception.
Section 487.3214 Section Application for approval; requirements; appeal.
Section 487.3215 Section Unsafe or unsound practice or violation; notice of charges; hearing; order to cease and desist; effect and enforcement; out-of-state bank branch.
Section 487.3216 Section Temporary cease and desist order; effective and enforceable; injunction to set aside, limit, or suspend order.
Section 487.3217 Section Intent by commissioner to remove director or officer from office; notice; suspension or prohibition; effective date; service of copies of notice; statement of facts; hearing; issuance of order; effect and enforcement.
Section 487.3218 Section Stay of suspension or prohibition; application to circuit court.
Section 487.3219 Section Felony charge involving dishonesty or breach of trust by director or officer; suspension or prohibition; duration; entry of conviction; order of removal from office or prohibition; service of copy; finding of not guilty or other disposition.
Section 487.3220 Section Board of directors; less than quorum.
Section 487.3221 Section Hearing; decision; review; modifying, terminating, or setting aside order; commencement of proceedings not as stay of order.
Section 487.3222 Section Notice or order; jurisdiction of court.
Section 487.3223 Section Prohibited acts; fine; limitation.
Section 487.3224 Section Service of notice; intent to issue cease and desist order; notice to governor.
Section 487.3225 Section Proceedings under MCL 487.3215, 487.3216(1), or 487.3217; notice to federal authorities of intent to institute proceedings.
Section 487.3226 Section Definitions.