MCL - 368-1978-17-219

Act 368 of 1978
PART 219
Document Type Description
Section 333.21901 Section General definitions and principles of construction.
Section 333.21903 Section Definitions; C to N.
Section 333.21905 Section Definitions; P to R.
Section 333.21907 Section Nurse aide and medication aide training, registration, and permit program; administration by department.
Section 333.21909 Section Practice as nurse aide; registration required; nurse aide trainer or program; permit required.
Section 333.21911 Section Registration to engage in practice as nurse aide; requirements; permit as nurse aide trainer or training program; requirements.
Section 333.21912 Section Nurse aide and nurse aide trainer registration or permit; nontransferable.
Section 333.21913 Section Applicant from another state; registration requirements.
Section 333.21915 Section Registration or permit; time period effective; application for renewal.
Section 333.21916 Section Practice as nurse aide or training by nurse aide trainer prohibited until renewal of registration or permit.
Section 333.21917 Section Registration while individual in military service or United States Public Health Service.
Section 333.21918 Section Fees; payable to department; revocation or denial; nonrefundable.
Section 333.21919 Section Fees.
Section 333.21920 Section Practice as medication aide; registration required; medication aide trainer or program; permit required; applicant from another state; practice as medication aide prohibited until renewal of registration permit; renewal application; fees.
Section 333.21921 Section Nurse aide and medication aide registration fund.
Section 333.21923 Section Rules; scope; applicability to nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities.
Section 333.21925 Section Contractual agreements.