MCL - 368-1978-9-91

Act 368 of 1978
Part 91
Document Type Description
Section 333.9101 Section Plan for health services for pupils in elementary and secondary schools; establishment; contents; cooperation in developing plan; consistency with program of school nursing services; employment of certified school nurses; excusing pupils from health instructions and class attendance.
Section 333.9105 Section Examinations or health services provided on equal basis to school children.
Section 333.9111 Section Pharmaceutical, biologic, and diagnostic products and by-products for human, veterinary, or agricultural use; developing, producing, purchasing, and receiving by gift; research; distribution; costs.
Section 333.9112 Section Pharmaceutical products fund.
Section 333.9121 Section Blood, blood plasma, blood products, blood derivatives, and human and artificial tissues; standards regulating procurement, processing, distribution, and use; rendition of service; warranty; liability.
Section 333.9122 Section Donation of blood by individual at least 17 years of age; donation of blood by individual at least 16 but less than 17 years of age; parent's or legal guardian's permission or authorization.
Section 333.9123 Section Testing of donor, sample, specimen, or organ for presence of HIV or antibody to HIV; applicability of subsection (1); effect of positive test results; inability to perform test; written consent to use blood, tissue, organ, or other human specimen; donation of blood exclusively for own use; use of self-replicating body fluids; informing donor of positive test result; violation; liability; definitions.
Section 333.9131 Section Family planning services; publicity; request by medically indigent individual; clinical abortions.
Section 333.9132 Section Consent of minor to provision of health care; notice; permission to contact parents for additional medical information; giving or withholding information without consent of minor; “health care” defined.
Section 333.9133 Section Rules.
Section 333.9141 Section Ultrasound equipment; purchase; grant program; fund; application; conditions; report; rules; definitions.
Section 333.9145 Section Nonopioid directive; form; revocation; exception for emergency; liability; definitions.
Section 333.9152 Section Screening pupils for scoliosis and other spinal disorders; guidelines; participation; written statement; short title of section.
Section 333.9155 Section Concussions; educational materials on nature and risk; concussion awareness training program; availability of materials and program on website; review; definitions.
Section 333.9156 Section Sponsor or operation of athletic activity; compliance with section by organizing entity; duties of coach or other adult; removal of youth athlete; written clearance; exceptions.
Section 333.9159 Section Development of educational program and dissemination of information on female genital mutilation; duties of department; definitions.
Section 333.9161 Section Pamphlet; contents; printing; distribution.