MCL - Section 380.1536

Act 451 of 1976

380.1536 School administrator's certificate; administration of instructional programs; endorsements; development of standards and procedures by state board; consultation; duration of certificate validity; alternative pathways to earning certificate; rules; "established state professional organization" defined.

Sec. 1536.

    (1) The state board shall develop a school administrator's certificate that shall be issued to all school district and intermediate school district superintendents, school principals, assistant principals, and other administrators whose primary responsibility is administering instructional programs and who meet the requirements established under subsection (3). An individual described in section 1246(1)(a) is not required by this section to have a school administrator's certificate under this section or an endorsement under subsection (2) to be employed as a school administrator by a school district, public school academy, intermediate school district, or nonpublic school.
    (2) The state board also shall develop appropriate certificate endorsements for school administrators, by elementary, secondary, and central office level.
    (3) The state board shall develop standards, and the superintendent of public instruction shall develop procedures, to implement this section. The standards and procedures shall address at least all of the following:
    (a) The educational and professional experience requirements for a certificate or endorsement under this section.
    (b) Continuing education requirements for periodic recertification. These requirements shall be consistent with the continuing education requirements under section 1246.
    (c) Procedures for application for and issuance of certificates and endorsements under this section.
    (d) Standards and procedures for suspension and revocation of a certificate. These standards and procedures shall be based on the standards and procedures for taking action against an individual's teaching certificate under section 1535a.
    (4) The department shall consult and work with appropriate professional organizations, primarily organizations representing superintendents and building-level administrators, in developing the standards required under this section.
    (5) For the purposes of adding 1 or more enhancement or specialty endorsements for a school administrator's certificate, the department may recognize performance-based professional learning programs offered by established state professional organizations that represent school administrators described in subsection (1). These programs must be approved by the department based on alignment with state board-approved school administrator program preparation standards.
    (6) A school administrator's certificate issued under this section is valid for 5 years and shall be renewed upon completion of renewal units as determined by the superintendent of public instruction.
    (7) The department shall recognize alternative pathways to earning the basic school administrator's certificate based on experience or alternative preparation, or both, if the alternative certification program is submitted by an established state professional organization and meets criteria set forth by state board approved school administrator program preparation standards.
    (8) Not later than January 1, 2019, the superintendent of public instruction, in consultation with the department of talent and economic development and groups or individuals representing employers, economic development agencies, trade unions, secondary school principals, middle and elementary school principals, teachers, school district and intermediate school district superintendents, and others as determined appropriate by the department, shall promulgate rules to allow an individual to use time spent engaging with local employers or technical centers toward the renewal of a school administrator's certificate in the same manner as state continuing education or professional development.
    (9) As used in this section, "established state professional organization" means an association that has served members on a statewide basis for at least 10 years.

History: Add. 2006, Act 335, Imd. Eff. Aug. 15, 2006 ;-- Am. 2009, Act 205, Imd. Eff. Jan. 4, 2010 ;-- Am. 2018, Act 234, Eff. Sept. 25, 2018
Compiler's Notes: Former MCL 380.1536, which pertained to school administrator certificate, was repealed by Act 289 of 1995, Eff. July 1, 1996.
Popular Name: Act 451